Efficiency – Measurement and Balancing Issues

Just some food for thought.  Now that we are essentially entering the balancing phase of Beta by the sounds of it.  Not in it myself, so can’t say from direct experience, just from the tone of the blue posts and what information is getting released on official and fan sites.

We have heard a lot about fast and inefficient, the efficient and expensive/slow nuke when discussing changes to healing and to a lesser extent dps roles.

The problem with Efficiency is how to define it in the World of Warcraft context.

In simplest terms this is a 2 variable issue, for example DPS and HPS or Damage per Second and Healing Per Second.  But the term efficiency that is thrown around the most are DPM and HPM or Damage per Mana or Healing per Mana and the cast time is thrown in there such that the DPM/HPM is an increasing value directly related to cast time.  So as cast time goes up so does Mana Efficiency.

The interesting question now becomes does this trend hold when we go to DPMPS and HPMPS or Damage per Mana per Second and Healing per Mana per Second.

For arguments sake lets throw some random numbers at the issue.

[table id=1 /]

So using these vague numbers we see something interesting based on 3 metrics of efficiency.
XPS – slow
XPM – slow
XPMPS – medium

Lets try some new numbers to see if we can get a fast, slow, medium result.

[table id=2 /]

With these values we get.

XPS – fast
XPM – slow
XPMPS – medium

Now when I was coming up with these numbers it was a real balancing act to get the results I wanted. The interesting part was I did not have to change the slow very much just change its cost. Because of this interesting dynamic I hope people are keeping a close look at the mana costs on the large nuke heal. Not just as a % of base mana but what that actually translates into within a class and on a whole. If your base mana is only 20-25% of your entire mana pool that means that Int on the gear is more important and base mana really really needs to be brought inline with one another across all classes with mana.

Now these three values being simple enough become orders of magnitude more complicated when we throw Haste/Crit/Mastery Bonus into the mix.

I really don’t have an overall opinion on all of this.  It was just some things I was thinking about when it comes to balancing healing and dps cast times and effectiveness.

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