Alliance Battle Cry – “For Lothar!”

Some Background from WoWWiki

Anduin Lothar

Sir Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth, was the last true descendant of the ancient Arathi bloodline, a knight champion of the Kingdom of Azeroth (later known as the Kingdom of Stormwind) during the First War, and the supreme commander of the armies of the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. He perished in combat at the base of Blackrock Mountain against the orc Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer just before the end of the Second War and the closing of the Dark Portal. He is considered one of the greatest warriors of all time.

There is a lot more in the wiki article I just wanted to include a little of it here.

Now I got this idea from a comment in the post The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Warriors in Lore and completely agree with it.  Which is why I am making this post to run with the idea and bring more attention to it, I hope.

Donny J. Canup Aug 13th 2010 2:42PM

“For Lothar!” A battle cry the Alliance can truly be proud of. If any Alliance hero has ever been named that’s more prominent than Lothar that hasn’t had some sort of npc in game it has to be Lothar (Come on, CoT has to have him eventually!). Lothar has been one of my favorite characters in WoW lore and because of that it kills me that very little info is out there for such a legendary figure as he.

As for the article… Nice!

Warriors in Warcraft are for sure the backbone of all armies (even Blood Elves) and deserve a bit of recognition for those who are heroes and why.

Well not much more to say about this.  It has always been a little boring playing Alliance because we don’t have a catchy battle shout.  I think this one is a bit better than the default “For Lordaeron”, which is no longer Alliance controlled, or “For the Alliance”.  As for suggestions/requests for the future it would be cool as said in the comment from if there were some Caverns of Time interaction for more lore around Lothar or at least add some quest lines.  Hell even some stuff in the Human/Alliance  Archeology profession would be a cool way to tie some threads into the setting.

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