Logistics This!

So as I was perusing Restokin I came across a blog post by primalprecision.

SC2 Replay Match feature in WoW?

This is a solution to one of the logistics issues I was talking about in my post the other day.  The funny part is I was in SC2 Beta and have the regular version of SC2 and I completely overlooked this feature when thinking about ways to improve some of the tactical tools we have for raiding and other group play.

I would image this would need to be a feature of the wow log mechanism on the server preferably but for load issues will most likely need to be on the client end.  However when this feature is activated it would have to record the maximums and not the default interaction range.  Which even if it does not normally render the information graphically it would need to be recorded.  There is a script about this type of issue at WoW logs for those making the log file for raid.

Additionally this feature would also need to be something usable at anytime so it would end up being a separate client.  In essence this would need to be a Blizzard released Demo Stage client that interacts with the game files but not necessarily an active server world.  You would want it to interact with a server instance just so that players would not be able to load zones and models they should not be able to but this here is like the ultimate sandbox toy for many different types of players.

I can see this being the penultimate tool short of having access to your own 3d modeling software for Strategist and Machinima makers.

This tool needs to be made!

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