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Efficiency – Measurement and Balancing Issues

Just some food for thought.  Now that we are essentially entering the balancing phase of Beta by the sounds of it.  Not in it myself, so can’t say from direct experience, just from the tone of the blue posts and

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Blizzcon Ticket Purchasing Window – AKA the Internet Lottery from Hell

I have been stewing upon this topic for a while and whether it was worth posting and bringing it up or not.  While I look for the next thing to talk/complain/suggest/contemplate I might as well. Before I get to my

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Kaeley: The Kingslayer

Well my Mage Kaeley was able to get in on a LK 25 Kill last night. So I want to give a shout out “post” for the group that helped me acquire the title, achievement and the ability to unlock

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