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Other Questing Improvements needed in Cataclysm

This has been and issue for a very long time and as I know it is not a Bug but a Feature it is still annoying and needs reevaluated.

Quests should just be Quests

We do not need Weekly, Daily, Group 5, Group 2/3, Raid and or what ever other types of quests there are. Quests should be completable no matter what group/raid you are in. So if you are in a raid waiting in Queue or for a few more from LFG channel you can still go about your normal business until it is time to get in the instance.

It really does not get more simple or complicated than this. Could some conceivably exploit this to get a 40 man raid and burn through some kill/collect quests? Yes. but who cares? We need to start bringing groups of players together to work cooperatively if they choose rather than penalize them for trying to group up.

Now don’t get me wrong weekly/daily quests are a cool idea and are cool-down timer or something is fine it is just that quests should be doable regardless of group size.

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Additional UI Improvements I wish Blizzard would Tackle

There are 2 major UI improvements that I would like to see added to the default UI.

  1. Mouse Over Button -> Key Press -> Auto Binding Mode
  2. Movable Default UI Bars

Ultimately the functionality that I am referring to here can be provided by Dominos or Bartender 4 addons. I have used something like them for years and I know of many other players that use them. Not a complete replacement like NuUI and some other compilations but never the less just a couple of very useful mods to let you arrange your bars how you want them.

Really all that needs to be done is to turn off the default UI bar frame graphic and then make the different sets of button bars movable actually exactly like Bartender4 does it. Now even though these 2 mods allow you to customize each bar into a bar of X by Y rows and columns I would just be happing with the ability to move the default 5/6 bars currently showing and be able to break bars 1-6 out of the paging system that the default UI has.

Like some of the “new” features added in WotLK, the Equipment Manager, the ability to preview talent specs before committing, and the entire quest tracking system this would be a very basic enhancement to the default ui to make it a little more customizable without having to resort to a replacement mod.

The other advantage would be that the Vehicle bars would not randomly break on release of a new patch due to a conflict with one of the custom bar mods. We would not have to use custom bars if the default ones were configurable, and I mean more than just Show/Hide.

Well enough of a rant for now. Nothing major to mention but the new Guild UI got me thinking of other aspects of the default UI that could use some attention. One that the users have had to make their own mods to fix.

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Druid Leveling 1-30, a recent reversal in my opinion.

For a long time I have always been a strong believer in the feral is the way to level 1 to Level cap. I have leveled 4 druids now from 1 – 30, 3 of them had 3 BoA items: chest, shoulder, weapon. The difference was in 2 cases I went with the rogue shared leather gear and the 3rd I am using my caster cloth gear.

Given this arrangement my Balance Druid utterly destroyed my feral leveling, when I was actually questing and not just doing dungeon murder sprees with an 80 and a tow cable. I went from 29-30 in about 20-25 minutes by running SM:Cathedral 3 times with an SM:Armory run in the middle some where. I would do SM:C in 3 mass pulls, lower Courtyard, Upper Courtyard and then the Cathedral proper in 1 pull with bosses. I have to say that is fun as hell when I remember the normal hell it is at level.

One of my favorite rotations before getting starfire I ended up making the following macro.

*subject to change, doing this off the top of my head at the moment.

/castsequence reset=target/10/shift Wrath, Entangling Roots, Moonfire

Most of the time my roots would break on Wrath anyway so 80% of the time I would need to recast it anyway. But from 15 – 20 I was using this on mobs 1-3 levels higher than I was and utterly destroying them with taking little damage. Now I was drinking after every other 2/3 pulls but they went so quickly that it really did not matter.

My new one that I am not using as much at the moment is the following.

/castsequence reset=target/10/shift Starfire, Entangling Roots, Moonfire, Wrath

Most of the time the roots will break between Wrath and Starfire but will always break after a Moon/Wrath/Star sequence.

Anyway I will most likely be giving this feedback to Lissanna just in time for everything to change with Cataclysm. I hope I get into Beta given my familiarity with every class now and having leveled so many toons I could give good feedback on the leveling experience. The xp/quest ratio was one of my larger complaints when in WotLK beta.

I will also add the actual macros to my useful druid macro section when I get a chance in the next day or so.

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