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Other Questing Improvements needed in Cataclysm

This has been and issue for a very long time and as I know it is not a Bug but a Feature it is still annoying and needs reevaluated. Quests should just be Quests We do not need Weekly, Daily,

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Additional UI Improvements I wish Blizzard would Tackle

There are 2 major UI improvements that I would like to see added to the default UI. Mouse Over Button -> Key Press -> Auto Binding Mode Movable Default UI Bars Ultimately the functionality that I am referring to here

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Druid Leveling 1-30, a recent reversal in my opinion.

For a long time I have always been a strong believer in the feral is the way to level 1 to Level cap. I have leveled 4 druids now from 1 – 30, 3 of them had 3 BoA items:

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