WoW Economy & SC2 Beta Key giveaway

I was thinking about giving away a pet or something through Lissanna’s blog eventually but instead I want to generate some idea’s for ways to improve the WoW economy.

So here is what happened I am already in the SC2 beta from Blizzcon 08. I pre-ordered SC2 from and received an email from Amazon with a Beta key in it from pre-ordering the collector’s edition. I wanted the Thor in game WoW pet. But I now have a Beta key and no one to give it to.

For a chance at the key post in the comments section of this post your idea/opinion/concept of one way to improve the economy in World of Warcraft. Oh and getting rid of gold selling spam which should already be done does not count. Out of the acceptable ideas I will enter the email addresses into a spread sheet and either /roll in game or roll some actual dice to randomize it. So please enter a valid email address that will reach you when the form asks for an email address. This will run until Midnight Friday 4/23 as in 00:00 4/24 EST.

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6 comments on “WoW Economy & SC2 Beta Key giveaway
  1. hellbound says:

    The introducion of auction related achievements and titles will be reason enought to encourage the use of the auction house for a great number of players, improving ingame economy.
    Some examples:
    The Robber Baron title for earning,lets say, 50000 gold from the auction house on the same month.
    Supply and Demand achievement for 100 auctions won and 100 sold on the same day.
    Financial Timing for winning an auction with a last minute bid.
    etc, you get the idea.

  2. Goggle says:

    I always liked the idea of having ‘buy orders’.

    Nice for consumers to pick up things at a price they want without having to constantly stalk the AH.
    Nice for producers to see an opportunity and make some money immediately.

  3. Qieth says:

    You know, probably forfeiting my chance in the competition, I don’t really think that there is anything wrong with WoWs economy – apart from the obvious goldselling.

    See, if it was easier to make money in general, prizes would just be higher. Those who put in a lot of effort (ie AH campers now) would still come out on top. If the casual player got more gold from an instance run or dailies, then prizes on common goods would just go up. And even as it is, I don’t think that its terribly bad to do a few instance runs for gold, trash drops and DE’d items and then gain your money through that.

    If I was really to suggest a change, I would change the impact of professions. I gain no real source of income from professions, and I’m even a jewel crafter and an enchanter. If I ever do a cut or an enchant, I am usually left with 10-20 gold worth of tips. Sure, its a fine living for just standing around, but its not like its going to be something I want to do full time. If I sit around in Dalaran spamming trade chat, I probably spend just as much time doing that than being on AH.

    Epic gems goes for around 130g on my server now, and don’t even get me started on enchanting mats. I think that each profession should hold several production items that would take time to get, which could then be hunted and sold for a higher profit. Preferably something that everyone would use, and then just lots of it. Would it seem unlikely that an alchemist could benefit from a Gnomish Cauldron Mixer made by engineers? Or maybe that a blacksmith could buy an enchanted hammer that allows him to increase the stats on the item he create by 1%? The enchanter would, of course, buy the School of Refining from Scribes, slightly lowering the cost of enchant materials for the next enchant, or whatnot.

    I have my two professions, because they buff my damage in raid. I hardly ever find a chance to make any real money off them – unless I want to camp either AH or trade channel. Professions should be a tool to make money, continuously throughout an expansion, not just something you level for a buff.

    – Valid entry or not, I just wanted to speak my mind 😛

  4. Qieth says:

    Its a shame there weren’t more entries. Well, i can’t really complain, can I? 😉

  5. Malchome says:

    Nope, as you won. I am not surprised though I don’t get much traffic, but I blog to get my thoughts and ideas out.

  6. Qieth says:

    Ah visitors – isn’t that our neverending goal? 😛

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