Star Craft 2 – Initial Impressions

First I want to say that some of my impression and or complaints that I may list here could just be that I missed some interface setting that does what I want but don’t know where it is located or what order of clicks I have to press to get it to do what I want.

Actually that really is the first thing that is lacking, I know it is a beta and they want to balance the game however a nice short single player tutorial would have been nice.  It does not even need to have story just a series of demos of basic features that are most likely stable.  As in build queues, creating/canceling.  What rally points do for different units.  If it is a gathering unit you can rally to a resource node and it will automatically collect.  Which I guess my have been obvious if you were are Star Craft fanatic, come to think of it WC3 may have had this but I don’t remember, it was not something that stood out.

Since a lot of beta codes went out to completely or equivalent of completely new players from Blizzcon and other sources an introductory tutorial would have been greatly appreciated.  Rather than just throwing us to the wolves of the fanatics.

I will have more to say but I want to contemplate them a bit more and play some more before finalizing my thoughts on a few different topics.  There was thread in the beta forums where a player was saying that the philosophy behind units seems to be off between the 3 races.  Well more Protoss and Zerg.  The zerg are suppose to be cheap throw away units that die quickly but their are tons of them.  That does not seem to be the case.  Where as the Protoss have very expensive units that should do a lot of damage and have good amounts of armor but they seem to crumple when you actually hit them with anything.  It is still beta but it feels like the races are going in the wrong direction for some reason given the background of the current SC universe.

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