AFK – A few thoughts on what I have been doing

First I want to apologize to those of you that have occasionally come back to my blog.  I had a lot of ideas percolating and then got swamped in IRL work related stuff.  Such that when I did have time to blog I chose to play a variety of games instead to relax.   Anyway I need to stop doing coming soon threads as I am not very good at actually writing the ideas up in a timely manner.

So what have I been up too in the mean time.  In no particular order.

  • Playing Star Craft 2, Beta – hopefully more on this soon or later.
  • Playing EVE Online again, the lure of planetary exploration/exploitation in the next expansion was enough to get me back in until the expansion.  How the systems actually work will determine whether I stick around.
  • Leveling more Alts, yes this time they are Horde though.  I want to get through the starting areas of each race which I essentially have now and get through Outlands and Northrend quests/lore before Cataclysm.  There is the 45-60 part of the horde questing I have not done yet either and will need to get at least 1 character through that section.
  • Got a new computer so can run dual monitors and 2 WoW clients at 30FPS+ in Dalaran with graphics setting at max.  It looks like a new game.  Like I went from Warcraft to Warcraft 2 or 2->3.  But with this beast I also will be able to run one client and have a development studio open while restarting a second client without wanting to stab my eyes out at the lag.  So I may slowly get into mod development or at least making patches to my own mods when they generate errors.  If something interesting develops out of this, here is where I would post initial information.

Well that brings us to the present.  I hope to have a few short posts “soon” lol.

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