A new Raid Encounter Type I would Like to See – (Tower Defence)

So what brought this to mind is that I have been playing my XBox 360 a bit when taking breaks from WoW.

If a Starcraft 2 beta ever begins I may mess around with that or give my beta access to friends that like RTS games more than I do.  I just don’t like that with the exception of the highest skilled players he who mobilizes a medium size strike force wins it seems in most RTS games.  In Civ III parlance I end up being an Industrious/Commercial leader and specialize in perfecting my resources and scientific research.  In MOO2 I would end up with the species that was creative and end the game with Millennium Falcon size ships with the Death Star weapon.  I loved destroying planets with small frigates.   So In RTS games I hate micro managing individual units and thereby leaving other units quasi vulnerable.  It is a shame that turn based strategy games have seemed to stop evolving other than with better graphics.

Anyway back from that tangent.  The one aspect of RTS games that I do like are Tower Defense scenarios.  In a LAN game a long time ago in Red Alert I won the game by building out a web of Tesla Coil Towers across the map.  I had wiped out the other player’s base but they had 1 unit hiding somewhere on the map….  So rather than scour the map looking I just let automated defenses do the killing.

So the game that brought me back to this style of play was the South Park Tower Defense game that is on XBox Live for download.

How would it all work I really have no idea.  I just think that the concept would be interesting and I am sure Blizzard or some other gaming company will figure out a cool way to incorporate something like it into a raid and or dungeon scenario.

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