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Posts Coming Soon

Well looking at my google analytics my 3 main sources of traffic are Warrior Macros, Restokin and Feed readers.  So my next few posts will have something to do with Macros, Druids and most likely the Auction House again.  I

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Raids Strategies and Intentions

The Deathbringer Saurfang fight changes are complete and total Bullshit. As Daelo says on the forums the strategy that most raids are implementing is not how Blizzard wants us to play.  Ok the strategy with letting the first and or

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Auction House Web Access – Other Improvements Needed First

By now the news has spread the Blizzard will eventually implement in game Auction House(AH) Access into the Armory, the signed in portion of course. I saw it mentioned first on mmo-champion which points to a WoW Forums post. I

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