Hacker Report

I would not normally do this but I was really pissed off by a player in a WSG.  Some horde player, Dontblinkk of Trollbane was some how exploiting and was able to return the flag 3 times in the first 2 minutes of game.  The first time occured as we were barely out of our base and there would be no way for the horde to get that far without them being outside before the start of the match.  How they did it the second and 3rd time before we were even in their base is a mystery.

This match occurred 1/4/2010 around 9PM in the Ruin battle group.  If anyone sees this player before then beware and report them if anything funky happens.  I hope to hell they get a perma-ban for this.  Doing it once I would allow as a tester but 3 times in 2 minutes to win the match is unacceptable.  I hope the GMs check the logs on this one.  I submitted a ticket from my level 19 Draenei hunter.

Sorry for this slim and not informative blog post.  Other than to report there is now a definite hack or exploit still around for WSG.

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