A new position for me in Warcraft

What I mean by this is that with patch 3.3 I will be in a new position for myself that has not happened before.  Since the first patch after I started playing which was the introduction of the original Naxx, I have never had a level capped character with sufficient gear and in a guild where I can actually participate in the new tier of content.  With the Zul Aman patch I was close but the guild and gear were a little lacking.

It is just a new perspective for me so thought it was worth noting.  Since I don’t get over excited about purple pixels I really am just a hardcore casual.  As in I prefer to be an alt-o-holic and level toons because the positive feedback is faster than with raiding for weeks to get the one or 2 drops that one needs.  Anyway I fully plan on doing what I can for the guild I am in with my Priest on our raid nights.  At all other times I will either be grinding out the Random LFG on my other 80s and BG leveling the new alts.

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