Paladin Lay on Hands, my 2 cents.

Well I have been watching thread meters, mmo-champion and the Blizz Blue tracker on the forums reading over the QQ and quasi discussion about the balance of this ability.

Having tanked a little bit on all 4 classes, something like LoHs for Paladins need to be there as an “oh shit” button.

In my opinion how I would balance the ability would be the following.

  • The base ability becomes 20% of health usable on yourself or another.
  • Though a glyph you add 10% to the ability
  • Talents
    • Protection
      • Change “touched by the light” such that the +10% crit heal is now +(5/10/15)% LoH healing on Self
    • Holy
      • Give similar effect to the touched by the light effect and maybe a mana boost or something extra to caster if cast on another target.

End result gives in the ballpark the following table.

Protection To Self: Between 20-45%

To Others:  Between 20-30%

Holy To Self: Between 20 – 30% + bonus

To Others: Between 20-30% + bonus

Retribution to Self: Between 20-30%

to Others: Between 20-30%

You may ask why I favor Protection in this case? At 45% it is similar to what Warriors and Feral Druids get when you combine “Last Stand/Survival Inst” + the Rage based Regeneration ability and have it glyphed.  Paladin’s don’t have a Last Stand per se so just giving a flat out boost would be acceptable while still “nerfing” it from 100%.

I know in the end that balance testing would be needed if anything like this was implemented but at least IMO this seems like a good compromise to the issue.

The other issue that is a problem for Prot. Healing is that they just need to remove Spell Plate, but that fix which would finally put an end to the issue is too big to be dealt with in a non-Expansion content patch.

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