Macros – Changes Needed in Cataclysm, Maybe?

Well Cataclysm is going to introduce a new fly in the ointment of macro writers for Druids.  A spec I know Lissanna will break as soon as the expansion launches and she hits 81 is going to be the true Restokin spec.

What I mean here is that the stance/form/state dynamic array needs to be changed.  Currently Moonkin and Tree form are exclusive.  As soon as you hit 81 you could have both forms.  Both forms now sit in slot 5 of the druid form list if they have either talent otherwise it becomes flight.

Is this a big deal no I admit it is not.  However for consistancy sake and so that generalize macro sets could be developed it would be useful if for druids the form numbers were static.

0 – Caster

1 – Bear

2 – SeaLion

3 – Cat

4 – Cat (Stealth)

5 – Travel

6 – Moonkin

7 – Tree

8 – Flight

9 – Ret Paly DK form, So we can Tank and crank out the damage. (Ok wishing here).

Either way if static numbering is implemented cool if not I know we will adapt.  However more character specific macro slots would be useful.  Say 45-60ish.  This is just a target number that I would need so I could create a full set of macros for each Talent Spec as a druid and still have a little room to spare.  Personal wish here but hey my blog.

***** Edit*****

I forgot to mention before this posted that currently with Rogues Non-Stealthed is stance 1 and Stealthed is stance 2.  Where with Druids you have to use the Stealth modifier to differentiate.  It would just make some of the macro syntax tighter.

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