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Macros – Changes Needed in Cataclysm, Maybe?

Well Cataclysm is going to introduce a new fly in the ointment of macro writers for Druids.  A spec I know Lissanna will break as soon as the expansion launches and she hits 81 is going to be the true

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Macros – and so it begins.

For a while now I have wanted to put some of and eventually all of the macros I use up here as a resource.  A resource for both me and for anyone else interested in them. I have them saved

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Paladin Lay on Hands, my 2 cents.

Well I have been watching thread meters, mmo-champion and the Blizz Blue tracker on the forums reading over the QQ and quasi discussion about the balance of this ability. Having tanked a little bit on all 4 classes, something like

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