The greatest change in Cataclysm – Goodbye Defence for Tanks

I have been thinking about making a post about this subject but BBB beat me to it.

Honestly I don’t have the time to write a post for every topic or concert I think about in the game and the various systems.  However since BBB did a good job breaking down what you have to do to get Critical Hits pushed off the table for starting tanks, I want to take this moment to rejoice in the change coming in the next expansion.


Right now I am dealing with this BS every time I get a new piece of gear for my Warrior.  What is making it difficult for me is that there are 2 defense trinkets that were added in Wrath.  1 from Loken who has yet to drop it for me.

Loken – N: Seal of the Pantheon
Thaddius – 10:  Repelling Charge

This change is a side effect of the gear homogenization.  Which makes it a pain in the ass for all non-druid tanks to keep the un-crittable state.  I did not say difficult, you can still do it, just an annoying requirement.  Really all of these issues could have been resolved easier if oh I don’t know entire sets of gear were craft-able.  Now a fresh DK, Warrior, Paladin can hit 520 easily at 80 just from the Tempered Saronite set.  What would have been even better would be a 4 set bonus that adds the last 20 defense.  Then you could at least keep those 4 peices while replacing the rest with epics as you do dungeons and other content.  It would be nice if there were even a good amount of Heroic and Valor Emblem gear that had a healthy helping of defense.  There is some don’t get me wrong.  The problems with all Blizzard itemization is they do not proved a complete set of gear for any facet of their game without having to piss with other unrelated content.

There should be an entry level set of gear for dungeon and raid content available through all PvE content.

1 set from questing.

1 set from dungeons.

1 set from crafting.

Another design change that would be nice to see would be a definite progression of dungeons/heroics and raids.

Another tip for the itemization department would be that only your non-random loot can you expect with any amount of accuracy your player base to have when designing the next iteration.  So ya all that new epic gear that has small amounts of defense but tons of parry/dodge/block is great only if the player was lucky enough to be in a raid where the item dropped and they got the time.  Which since your player base moved away form guilds to a PuG mentality for raiding means that the old DKP systems that you forced the player base to rely on to distribute gear fairly falls apart.  I will be posting again about Guild systems soon.

Anyway no matter what anyone says the removal of the Defense Cap mini-game for tanking is a welcomed improvement.


There is one more added from patch 3.2.2 as a reward from the quest with Onyxia’s head.

Purified Onyxia Blood Talisman

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