The End in Sight, 9 – 80s Death Knight to go.

Well I have been planning on posting about my summary of Rogue mechanics as I have come to hate them while leveling my Rogue.   I have a stub of a post started about that topic and will expand on that later this weekend.  What has kept me from writing that post was the drive for me to finish the initial goal I set out for myself during the summer of 2007.

That goal was to have 1 level capped character of each of the classes.  Now with my Rogue hitting 80 I have at least partially completed that goal.  The goal at that time only included the 9 classes that came with WoW when it launched.  Now that in WotLK we have a 10th class I refined the overall goal to have 10 level 80s.

My Death Knight is level 74 so I expect to be able to post sometime in the next week to week and a half that I have finished my major driving goal in WoW.

What class I am going to focus on after I have 10 80s I really don’t know.  I know a few that I am not going to focus on.  Those being: Rogue, Warlock, Hunter, and Death Knight.  The last one only because everyone has one for the most part.  The others I will get into more detail in their own respective posts about what I don’t like about them.

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