More on Wintergrasp and Tol Barad

When I check out to see what is going on in the forums the first site I check out is threadmeters.

On it one of the blue posted threads was one concerning some sort of exploit with Wintergrasp.

There are several things that are in play when discussing issues with Wintergrasp.  There is a mechanic where a side with tenacity needs few kills to gain rank.  There is also an issue where you can log out in Wintergrasp with rank 2 and when you log back into the game after a match has started and join the match you keep your rank.

Now the log out and log in issue should be fixable.  It is simple when joining Wintergrasp all rank is removed.  Yes it would suck for the few that get kicked out due to a connectivity issue in the middle of a match but the few effected by this versus the exploit getting fix it trivial.  A different possible solution would be to compare the time last logged in and the current time stamp if that time is under 5 minutes no loss of rank occurs.  I think the simple hard and fast rule of when joining Wintergrasp no matter what the reason you loose all rank is fair.  No quest requires any one person to have rank to turn in.  Someone in the raid must get rank to take down the towers but that is about it.

The blue post that caused me to write another post about this issue is quoted below.

While we are always on the lookout for exploits and fix them as quickly as possible, there are in-game mechanics that can cause this such as one faction winning multiple times in a row. The goal is to avoid either faction entirely monopolizing the Vault of Archavon from week to week.

The issue is they put these “fixes” in so that no faction can monopolize the resources for an extended period of time.  Well if there is going to be almost a deus ex machina “exploit” to help the under-populated faction on a server then maybe the design of the game is flawed such that you need to have one.

Put simply if you are worried about faction imbalanced servers then don’t put important features of the game that reward one faction or another based on actions where population can have be a major factor into the game.

This includes and is not limited to: Large amounts of daily quests only available to controlling faction, instances only available to the controlling faction, special drops only for controlling faction from instance bosses.

What the reward can be should not be limited to the following: bonus XP, extra drops of some resource to the controlling faction, increased drop rate of crafting materials from specialize spawn.  Essentially there should be bonuses to be gained, however they should not be exclusive rewards.

If the rewards or binary and exclusive then when the 30 player factions wins against 110 because of all the bonuses they get and are almost impossible to kill, makes their victory meaningless and pathetic.  YaY you win because you got a +200% damage, health, Regen and Healing bonus, yes you really are masters of the game.

Timing of the events.

On a separate note one other thing that I would like to add is enough is enough with the 2.5 hours from the end of one battle to the next.  Make one of the other rewards of a well played victory be more time with the bonus.  I.E. the event should run at set intervals.

The start times of the event should be regular from day to day such that there are 2 events per day that are in the prime time of the server based on Timezone of said server, much like how the STV Free for All pvp events are.

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