Glossed over Comment from Cataclysm Review. Launch when?

So I am re-listening to the Cataclysm panel from WoW Radio, and I heard something that I remember being mentioned when I was watching the live stream during Blizzcon and missed it.  I have actually listened to this panel a few times to review if anything was missed, and 24:03 minutes into the replay they talk about the Goblin Rogue.

The phrase that I missed and I don’t remember seeing people mention from their coverage was the following comment.

“Here we have a goblin rogue, certain to be the enemy of many alliance players in battlegrounds.  By next Blizzcon we will probly hear a lot about how people hate them.”

So I am sure they are most likely referring to Beta, at least I hope they are referring to it.  Otherwise that would imply a release date of the next expansion earlier than I think most are currently estimating.  It would be a safe bet that from the time we start to hear about an expansion Alpha launching that it will be at least 6-8 months from that point before release.  So we at least have a good idea at that point.

So the next question is when will we start to hear rumors and leaks about an Alpha?  Given that there is still patch 3.3 to come and 3.2.2 is still on the PTR that would make it at least 2 months before I would expect them to even be able to think of any other releases.  I am not expecting 3.3 (Icecrown) before January.  I we are surprised by an earlier release cool but I don’t expect it.

Now this could also mean that there will not be a Blizzcon next year but I doubt that as well.

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