Cataclysm and Wardrobe

I use Google Reader to follow most of the blogs I read.  There are a few that I still have to add as I only check them out occasionally from navigating through Lissanna’s blogroll.  One of the posts that caught my eye today was by Tobold.

The specific post was I want a wardrobe for World of Warcraft.  I will add some of my own thoughts about it in a moment.  First I want to say I 100% agree with him in wanting some place to store all of the extra non-stat related crap that we collect through leveling, questing and holiday fanfare.

A good system to look at would be how Vanguard does this, at least last time I played a long time ago.  There are 3 facets of the game that you can level up.  Adventuring, Crafting and Diplomacy, and as such you have 3 sets of gear and item slots depending on what you are doing at any time.  When combat begins you automatically switch to your adventuring gear.  Does that sound familiar to any of you?  Hey it does to me it sounds just like the Worgen effect where when combat starts you wolf out.  You then set what form/state you are in out of combat and that return when you leave…  Hmmm.

The same process could be used for the cosmetic gear, ya you won’t know what you are attacking until you do when it comes to world pvp but so what.  You want to PvP thems be the risk.  Now Wintergrasp Events, Battlegrounds, and the cage duels known as Arena you should always be in your battlegear display of course.

I would not expect to see something like a wardrobe system before the next expansion but it is something way overdue in World of Warcraft.  With all of the other great features and modifications coming in Cataclysm this is just one more small addition.

Oh and to just get one small barb in, where did that get the gear out of your bags Itemrack feature ever get to?  That was one of the features bragged about that Blizz could do that mod programmers could not do.

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