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Rogues – Abilities, Specs and Weapons… WTF

I was looking at MMO-Champion and in one of their posts where they collect Blue Posts I saw the following text.  It ties into some of what I want to say in this post so I thought I would include it for reference.

Blue Posts from the Forums Here.

Whenever we see comments like this, we immediately assume that you have a different vision for class / spec / whatever than we do. If that is the case, you are likely to find yourself frustrated and scratching your head a lot when our changes never make the design converge on what you think it should be.

Now, we do want Subtlety to be more attractive. All of the pure dps classes have a spec that isn’t as popular as the others. Mages may be the closest because at least Frost has a viable PvP use, but there are also plenty of mages who want to be able to use Frost in end-game PvE too.

Subtlety (and Frost for that matter) are specs focused around utility. The problem is that players understandably nearly always choose damage over utility for raiding and often choose utility over damage for PvP, unless the damage is really high or the utility just doesn’t cut it for some reason.

What we are talking about doing is sharing more of the utility among other specs, or the core class, so that there aren’t “utility trees.” To do that though, we have to make the way the different specs do damage different enough so that players might choose a play-style preference over highest damage. This is particularly challenging for rogues, who have a history of giving up a preferred spec or play style for one with a sub 1% dps increase.

I think we are closest with the Arcane vs. Fire mage specs at the moment. They play a little differently, which goes beyond just the type of magic damage they do. While Fire might still do the highest damage overall, Arcane is close enough and plays different enough that even competitive players don’t feel stupid for playing that spec. There are a lot more Arcane mages out there than I think a lot of players assume.

That is harder with rogues. “I’m the sneaky one” doesn’t translate into sustained raid dps. Assassination feels like it emphasizes poisons more and Combat feels like it emphasizes weapons more, so we’re a little closer there. Subtelty needs a stronger yet damage-oriented niche.

HaT, sadly, is not a niche. HaT has scaling problems. It’s appropriate for a 5-player group, but gets too in larger groups with all of their raid buffs. We don’t want HaT to be the one talent that pushes players into Subtlety.

Now my Opinions of Rogue Gameplay

I find the rogue class in general to be somewhat schizophrenic in tree and abilities.  Before the rogue lovers lynch me on this one let me explain more fully.

The three trees are Assassination/Combat/Subtlety and at least when I want to think of archetypes for these I would select Assassin/Swashbuckler/Street Thug.  The problem with these archtypes which the lore and theme of the trees seem to suggest is that the skill and weapon implementation don’t match up.

Artemis EntreriAssassin – Poisons, Bleeds with a nasty finisher are what this spec is suppose to bring to mind.  However when I am soloing or even in groups when playing assassination I end up putting my bleeds on to get Hunger for Blood and then just go into a Eviscerate and Rupture rotation of finishers to keep up Slice and Dice.  Now I admit to not being the best rogue out there.  Hell I am lucky to be an average Rogue but , I seem to do acceptable damage for my gear, which is all I really strive for on any of my DPS classes.  The image to the right is of the miniature of Artemis Entreri from the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons and Dragons.

inigo4Combat – Swashbuckler so Swords and now Axes.  So essentially the dual wielding, one handed, melee monster.  The picture I selected for this is from the movie The Princess Bride, which I am sure most reading this post will be familiar with.  Now both the Dread Pirate and Inigo both really fit into the archetype for swashbuckler.  I will get into my issues with Rogue mechanics after highlighting the theme of each tree.

Batman LogoSubtlety – This tree is really about getting the drop on your target.  Which is why it is one of the harder trees to get a focus on for PvE.  It is really hard to get a drop on the boss, especially when they are pretty much immune to all of your lock down abilities.  Also given all the new amounts of AoE that bosses and their minions throw around being reliant on openers is a bit of a weak spot.  Now the image icon that I immediately think of when someone say stealthy and rogue one image comes to mind.  I don’t think I need to explain the image either.

Issues with Gameplay

My first and foremost complaint about Rogue mechanics from the perspective of actually playing one, not QQing about them on the forums after getting ganked by one, deals with the their specs and abilities interact with the weapons they use or lack thereof.  To put it simply too many of their abilities are weapon specific or have multiple caveats based on weapon.

Lets look at the other melee classes.  This gives us Druids, Shaman, Paladins, Warriors and Deathknights, now I am going to ignore Druids in this exercise, sorry those coming from Restokin because Druid feral weapon mechanics make it a moot point.  The other 4 classes that use melee weapons with a very few exceptions do not have their specs and abilities drastically changing based on the weapon they have equipped.  For all intents and purposes an Axe = Sword = Mace = Dagger for one handed weapons and 2H-Sword = 2H-Mace = 2H-Axe = Pole-arm for calculating damage.  Now I know there are some weapon specializations in the Warrior Arms tree but in all of the other trees the specific type of weapon in irrelevant and only the broad category matters, 1H versus 2H.

After looking at some of the source code for Rawr, which is a very useful dps/tanking modeling program, from the equations these differences especially for the Rogue are because they use Average Weapon damage to calculate the damage value of special abilities.  This is why certain classes want a slow main hand weapon, because as damage output for such abilities increases as the time between swings increases.  This is because to maintain a consistent DPS for a tier of weapons if the swing timer goes up so must the average damage per swing.

Now when I first started looking into this I went to WoWhead and copied the names of about 30 1 handed and 2 handed weapons.  I then looked at the min damage and max damage that each weapon would do before taking anything else into consideration.  The really cool thing was that on average over all any weapon’s min and max damage when compared to the average of the 2 values is +/- 30%.  The gambit of values were between at 28.9 – 31.1 so a quick eye balling of the numbers tells you it hovers around 30%.  So what this means is that if we want all special abilities to scale equally based on the DPS of the weapon.  Then we just need to take the DPS * (.7 – 1.3) + all other modifiers.  This then removes the weapon speed component from the formula directly as it is an intrinsic part of the DPS.

If we were to base special ability damage off of DPS and not weapon damage.  Then this means that Back-stab, Mutilate and any other abilities that may have a limit placed on them because of previous weapon speed dependency can have it removed.

This was very annoying when leveling Assassination because there were so few Dagger upgrades while leveling.  Ya there are a good amount at 80 but you can get a good pair late 60s/early 70s and then one more set at 76 then nothing until you get the crafted epic or run dungeons at 80.  If you go combat then you loose several of your abilities because they are dagger restricted.  Also as a side note it is really stupid conceptually to have Dagger Main hand and  something else much larger off hand.  When ever I have been fencing with 2 weapons you almost always put the heavier weapon in your main/stronger hand.  Now you may lead with the dagger based on stance and positioning but saying you can’t backstab because your dagger is in your “off” hand is kinda dumb.   It should be as long as a dagger is equipped you can backstab.  The code just checks for first available Dagger.  If you are dual wielding daggers it goes from the main hand otherwise it uses the off hand.

Now the one thing this modification would not affect would be the benefit of a fast off hand for rogues when it comes to energy regen.  I really don’t have a problem with this, however I would say for modeling and balancing purposes that ability should go to a Procs per Minute system.  Similar to the HaT and or the Feral Druid leader of the pack restriction.

All I can say is that I hope that in the 4.0 changes Rogues get an overhaul so that each tree is focused on a couple of weapons each.  The close quarters combat daggers should be merged into the assassination tree because you almost always would go deep in Assassination then go into combat for those first 15-18 talents.  This is where with the new talent allocation screen where you see all 3 trees at once you could start putting interesting talents in the first few tiers of each tree that require talents in 2 trees.  Keep them on the edge with the associated tree.  Assume that to the left of Assassination was Subtlety and the opposite for Subtlety.

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Crafting to mini-game or not to mini-game.

So I was planning on releasing my next post as one on Rogues that I have been working on but after seeing a few things in my blog reader I changed my mind.

Ok so I read Tobold’s post about Design principles for crafting and economic systems.  In general he has a nice summary of some of the things that need to be considered when designing a crafting and economic system in a game.  I have thought about the subject at length over the years that I have been playing WoW.  In Tobold’s post he mentions another blogger’s post about crafting interfaces.  Now I looked around Ixobelle’s site a bit and read most of the post that Tobold mentions.  I say most because as soon as I got about half way through I immediately wanted to post here about the subject.

Ixobelle has some very good ideas for a crafting system and an interface for crafting.  I just don’t think they would fit into WoW unless there were major and I mean major overhaul of all crafting and market systems.   While I see the possibility of large changes coming to crafting in Cataclysm I don’t think the changes will be that drastic.  I can also say with 100% certainty that if the crafting system was changed to something like Ixobelle suggests then I would not craft at all.  Not saying that the system would not be a good one, just that it would be a system that was so time and concentration intensive that I would not want to deal with it.

Now I now the question that some may ask is how do you know that you would not want to use such an involved crafting system.  The answer to that is simple, been there done that, thanks but no thanks.  Vanguard boasts about being able to level up as a crafter.  There are 3 facets to your character that can all have independent levels: Adventurer, Diplomat, Crafter.   The system and process that Ixobelle describes is much like Vanguard in the grind-fest that is the crafting process.

The Marketplace

Now one thing that I can agree with between the 2 posts is that WoW needs a new market system regardless of any crafting changes coming.  Also when it comes to the market place be it vendors and or the AH we need to get away from the stack concept.  What I mean by this is that items in the AH are no longer sold in stacks or as individual items.

  • You list items as a total number of items sold of a given type buy a player at a given price.  No more of 3 pages of infinite dust in stacks of 1 sold by the same person.  Yes I have done it to make gold, it is a prickish move I hate everyone that does it even myself when I do it.
  • All AH actions should be queued and on a 1 minute basis all in game mail is sent at once.  This will allow the AH to bundle items into a single mail of up to 12 items or multiple emails 12 stacks at a time.
  • When you buy or sell items to set the number you want to buy.  You then buy that many from that user or as many as they have left.  Since someone may have been able to buy from them at the same time.
  • The auction house is no longer a system of only sell orders.  Users are able to put gold in escrow with the AH to auto buy X items at Y price if a user selects their buy orders.  See EVE-Online’s market.
  • All named static items are now statically listed in the AH whether there are any on the market or not.  Only thing not able to have Buy Orders placed in advance are for random generated items.  So all BoE world and Dungeon drops that are not random (of the bear) types are enumerated in the AH, additionally all crafted unbound reagents, materials, and crafted Items should also be enumerated.  Players are then able to set buy orders.
  • A buy order contains – Player A will buy N Number of Items X at Price Y for the next Z hours(days).

This somewhat involved change would go a long way in improving WoW’s ingame economy.  Currently there is only a trend that over time will deflate prices into absurdity.  However with the buy side of the equation added there will also be inflationary forces in the market.  This will eventually act as a stablilizing force where the buy and sell order price will approach the same value.

Crafting System minor upgrade

Before WoW gets anything like a more involved crafting system it needs to have a bit of a general overhaul first.  The following things I would hope get considered before anything overly drastic is done with how we craft.

  • Full itemization on what we craft.  All slots of a character’s gear should be assigned to a crafting profession.  Not a proposed system that will be implemented 2 expansions from now.  But all slots and item times allocated to one or more professions.
  • Renormalization of crafting materials required. The items we need to craft with are the resources available at the levels we would normally be encountering them and the gear crafted is useful to characters that are actually leveling the profession.  I finally get enough Thorium to buy and craft the chest piece when I hit 60 not the level 52 that the item may be.  You would now level past the point of usefulness just by gathering the resources yourself.
  • Add an intermediate crafting material stage to all professions, similar to Engineering making parts first then crafting an item later.  Blacksmithing  could have Scales, Wire, Rings, Rivits, Hilts, Guards, ect that are crafted first and then combined with other raw and processed resources.

New Type of Pattern

One of my pet ideas when it has come to crafting was the concept of Meta Patterns, given more recent terminology in WoW a Heirloom pattern.  It creates an item where the ILevel of the output is based on the ILevel of the input.

If we are going to approach a mini-game requirement added to crafting I would rather it be an intellectual exercise like a puzzle than an interactive grind-fest like Vanguard.

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The greatest change in Cataclysm – Goodbye Defence for Tanks

I have been thinking about making a post about this subject but BBB beat me to it.

Honestly I don’t have the time to write a post for every topic or concert I think about in the game and the various systems.  However since BBB did a good job breaking down what you have to do to get Critical Hits pushed off the table for starting tanks, I want to take this moment to rejoice in the change coming in the next expansion.


Right now I am dealing with this BS every time I get a new piece of gear for my Warrior.  What is making it difficult for me is that there are 2 defense trinkets that were added in Wrath.  1 from Loken who has yet to drop it for me.

Loken – N: Seal of the Pantheon
Thaddius – 10:  Repelling Charge

This change is a side effect of the gear homogenization.  Which makes it a pain in the ass for all non-druid tanks to keep the un-crittable state.  I did not say difficult, you can still do it, just an annoying requirement.  Really all of these issues could have been resolved easier if oh I don’t know entire sets of gear were craft-able.  Now a fresh DK, Warrior, Paladin can hit 520 easily at 80 just from the Tempered Saronite set.  What would have been even better would be a 4 set bonus that adds the last 20 defense.  Then you could at least keep those 4 peices while replacing the rest with epics as you do dungeons and other content.  It would be nice if there were even a good amount of Heroic and Valor Emblem gear that had a healthy helping of defense.  There is some don’t get me wrong.  The problems with all Blizzard itemization is they do not proved a complete set of gear for any facet of their game without having to piss with other unrelated content.

There should be an entry level set of gear for dungeon and raid content available through all PvE content.

1 set from questing.

1 set from dungeons.

1 set from crafting.

Another design change that would be nice to see would be a definite progression of dungeons/heroics and raids.

Another tip for the itemization department would be that only your non-random loot can you expect with any amount of accuracy your player base to have when designing the next iteration.  So ya all that new epic gear that has small amounts of defense but tons of parry/dodge/block is great only if the player was lucky enough to be in a raid where the item dropped and they got the time.  Which since your player base moved away form guilds to a PuG mentality for raiding means that the old DKP systems that you forced the player base to rely on to distribute gear fairly falls apart.  I will be posting again about Guild systems soon.

Anyway no matter what anyone says the removal of the Defense Cap mini-game for tanking is a welcomed improvement.


There is one more added from patch 3.2.2 as a reward from the quest with Onyxia’s head.

Purified Onyxia Blood Talisman

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Cataclysm and Wardrobe

I use Google Reader to follow most of the blogs I read.  There are a few that I still have to add as I only check them out occasionally from navigating through Lissanna’s blogroll.  One of the posts that caught my eye today was by Tobold.

The specific post was I want a wardrobe for World of Warcraft.  I will add some of my own thoughts about it in a moment.  First I want to say I 100% agree with him in wanting some place to store all of the extra non-stat related crap that we collect through leveling, questing and holiday fanfare.

A good system to look at would be how Vanguard does this, at least last time I played a long time ago.  There are 3 facets of the game that you can level up.  Adventuring, Crafting and Diplomacy, and as such you have 3 sets of gear and item slots depending on what you are doing at any time.  When combat begins you automatically switch to your adventuring gear.  Does that sound familiar to any of you?  Hey it does to me it sounds just like the Worgen effect where when combat starts you wolf out.  You then set what form/state you are in out of combat and that return when you leave…  Hmmm.

The same process could be used for the cosmetic gear, ya you won’t know what you are attacking until you do when it comes to world pvp but so what.  You want to PvP thems be the risk.  Now Wintergrasp Events, Battlegrounds, and the cage duels known as Arena you should always be in your battlegear display of course.

I would not expect to see something like a wardrobe system before the next expansion but it is something way overdue in World of Warcraft.  With all of the other great features and modifications coming in Cataclysm this is just one more small addition.

Oh and to just get one small barb in, where did that get the gear out of your bags Itemrack feature ever get to?  That was one of the features bragged about that Blizz could do that mod programmers could not do.

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DK hits 80: 1 of every class now at level cap. What to do next?

Well the title really says it all.  My Death Knight hit 80 this afternoon/evening whick makes them my 10th level 80 and now gives me a complete set of 80s.

I am going to mostly focus on my Warrior, Druid, Priest and Mage.  I will work on the rest from time to time but I like rage tanking more than Paladin or DK mechanics.  Healing wise I do not want to play a tree or paladin.  I like chain heal but on the shaman I like elemental better.  So that leaves the priest for my healer. The mage was the first character I ever got to a level cap, she was 54 when TBC launched and was my first to 70.  Also DPSing on the mage is fun.

Anyway nothing to substantial to say at the moment.

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More on Wintergrasp and Tol Barad

When I check out to see what is going on in the forums the first site I check out is threadmeters.

On it one of the blue posted threads was one concerning some sort of exploit with Wintergrasp.

There are several things that are in play when discussing issues with Wintergrasp.  There is a mechanic where a side with tenacity needs few kills to gain rank.  There is also an issue where you can log out in Wintergrasp with rank 2 and when you log back into the game after a match has started and join the match you keep your rank.

Now the log out and log in issue should be fixable.  It is simple when joining Wintergrasp all rank is removed.  Yes it would suck for the few that get kicked out due to a connectivity issue in the middle of a match but the few effected by this versus the exploit getting fix it trivial.  A different possible solution would be to compare the time last logged in and the current time stamp if that time is under 5 minutes no loss of rank occurs.  I think the simple hard and fast rule of when joining Wintergrasp no matter what the reason you loose all rank is fair.  No quest requires any one person to have rank to turn in.  Someone in the raid must get rank to take down the towers but that is about it.

The blue post that caused me to write another post about this issue is quoted below.

While we are always on the lookout for exploits and fix them as quickly as possible, there are in-game mechanics that can cause this such as one faction winning multiple times in a row. The goal is to avoid either faction entirely monopolizing the Vault of Archavon from week to week.

The issue is they put these “fixes” in so that no faction can monopolize the resources for an extended period of time.  Well if there is going to be almost a deus ex machina “exploit” to help the under-populated faction on a server then maybe the design of the game is flawed such that you need to have one.

Put simply if you are worried about faction imbalanced servers then don’t put important features of the game that reward one faction or another based on actions where population can have be a major factor into the game.

This includes and is not limited to: Large amounts of daily quests only available to controlling faction, instances only available to the controlling faction, special drops only for controlling faction from instance bosses.

What the reward can be should not be limited to the following: bonus XP, extra drops of some resource to the controlling faction, increased drop rate of crafting materials from specialize spawn.  Essentially there should be bonuses to be gained, however they should not be exclusive rewards.

If the rewards or binary and exclusive then when the 30 player factions wins against 110 because of all the bonuses they get and are almost impossible to kill, makes their victory meaningless and pathetic.  YaY you win because you got a +200% damage, health, Regen and Healing bonus, yes you really are masters of the game.

Timing of the events.

On a separate note one other thing that I would like to add is enough is enough with the 2.5 hours from the end of one battle to the next.  Make one of the other rewards of a well played victory be more time with the bonus.  I.E. the event should run at set intervals.

The start times of the event should be regular from day to day such that there are 2 events per day that are in the prime time of the server based on Timezone of said server, much like how the STV Free for All pvp events are.

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Pugging – That which keeps WoW Flurishing

So I have been thinking about this post for several weeks now.  Every time I start it I trash everything and start over.

This topic is one of those subjects that I argue about with Lissanna and other people in my guild.  My opinion which is summed up by the title is one that I have come to over the past few months.  Because of it I am concerned about the guild changes coming in Cataclysm since Blizzard has stated that they do not plan to implement guild alliances.

There is a whole large ball of wax or an 800lbs Gorilla standing in the corner, depending upon your preferred imagery.  The issue resolves around one of the worst mechanics placed in the game.  That mechanic I am referring to is the RaidID system.  When the system was implemented we had large monolithic guilds that were running 40 man content.  Those days are over.  The Raid ID system however has not adapted.

The problem with Guilds, RaidIDs, HeroicIDs as they are is these are all things that divide us into segments rather than being a way to bring groups together.

Lets use real life gamers for example, I will dig into my past from several years ago.

I moved from one town to another when relocating for a job.

In my previous town I was in the following.

  • Table Top group 1 for D&D (TT1)
  • LARP group Camarilla for Larping (CAM1)
  • Table Top group 2 for White Wolf games. (TT2)

While in my current town initially I was in something like the following.

  • Table Top group 3 for D&D (TT3)
  • LARP group troupe Vampire (LARP1)
  • Table Top group 4 for misc games (TT4)
  • Started Local Camarilla group (CAM2)
  • College Gaming Group (CGG1)

Now the only thing preventing me from playing in any game was the size of the game/group and if there was a time conflict.  If for some reason TT1 and TT3 were running the same stuff I could do so.  The only restriction in the RPGA or at least use to be, any character could run any module once.  This was an artificial limit which sometimes sucked if you had already run all of the current modules you were in level for on a game day.

So what I am saying is that the model of: 1 Character | 1 Guild | 1 Raid ID is a bit limiting and was not a problem in current content because there was no risk/reward for being in one guild and raiding with a different.

With the guild leveling system this will no longer be true.  This will encourage the old monolithic guilds of the past not to mention making scheduling a nightmare again.

Some not so simple solutions.

One of the most contentious points that I argue with Lissanna is the RaidID limit.  I find it a stupid Nanny fix to prevent those that have no self control from just burning through content and themselves out.

As far as Raid ID go there needs to be some middle ground between the database concept of (1 to many) and (1 to 1).  We currently have a (1 to 1) relationship for Raid IDs per instance.  A better rule may be 1 character may have up to X where X is 2-3 Raid IDs per instance.  Then if they have friend in multiple groups they can run with each group as long as there is not a time conflict.  Does this mean that the same group could also run the same thing 2-3 times which would be the case in certain guilds, ya but oh well.  I do not nor will I ever care about world/server firsts.  The main reason is because they are a joke.  If some guild is on the PTR running the instance for weeks and learns the fights there how in the hell is that even a reasonable run for world first.  The true world first kills should only occur on the PTR for any boss available there.  Only the Algalon or the achievements of the guilds players that do not have access to the PTR should really be considered for world firsts for normal boss kills.

Another solution would be to allow characters to belong to multiple guilds, they either can choose the guild benefit set they receive while soloing and get the bonus from the predominate guild in the group they are in if they belong to that guild.

Another solution would be to move guilds from the character to account level.  Again this would really require a 1 player to many guild relationship which we only have now on a by character basis.  A more rounded method would be to have the player join a guild and that guild can see all characters on that server and faction in their listing.  You would then on the character sheet to select the guild tag you show from the list of those available to you.


To wrap this up one of the statements a friend made concerning EQ versus WoW.  The only reason they stay with WoW over EQ is in EQ you have to be in a guild to get anything end game done.  In WoW as the content is now with the guild set up we have now you can PuG almost anything and succeed to some extent.  I think this is another reason we saw such an exodus during the middle of TBC.  The content just was not PuGable until near the end when the badge system finally started to reward something worthwhile.

***** Edited to correct typos, this will happen a few more times. *****

I need to stop just publishing posts when I am done.

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Wintergrasp and Tol Barad

The following is a link to Wintergrasp summary from Blizzcon 2008. I only point to this so that we can compare the plans for the 2 areas. Wintergrasp has changed a bit from when it was initially planed.

Tol Barad
We’re also adding a new zone that combines elements of Wintergrasp with the Isle of Quel’danas. During PvP battles, players will fight to take control points across the island. In between PvP battles, the zone serves as a daily quest hub for both factions, while the winning faction will have access to a raid area.

The previous paragraph was from Blizzard’s write up of the a panel at Blizzcon 2009 covering the initial concepts of the zone.


  • Tenacity
  • Dailies and PvP


This image here sums up all of my concerns when the thought of Tenacity is added to the new PvP zone.

The BS Mechanic

The BS Mechanic

My sub-title The BS Mechanic is in my opinion accurate.  Yes it would suck to be on the side that has fewer players however this is not the answer.  Essentially the Horde won last night when the alliance must have had either 70 or 110 people and the horde seemed to have about 30 or less than 1 raid.  It has been a while since I have seen that many stacks of Tenacity.

I have no problems with the total health increase.  It is everything else that is buffed that gets out of hand.

So a Players with 3K dps with this buff now does 11K dps, I thought we wanted to get the 1-shot and 2-shots out of PvP, nope sorry only if the numbers are about equal.

Here is the deal, now that faction changes are implemented it is time to have server faction population balancing drives.  No more of this 3-1 ratio on a server.  Offer free faction changes, usually from Alliance -> Horde on most servers until the  ratio hits 1-1.5/1.25.

I can see a maximum dps increase form Tenacity of about 100% or double your damage but anything else just makes pvp a joke.  It is ok for NPCs to hit that hard because there are these abilities that Tanks get that are called Taunt and they work.  When facing PCs these abilities do nothing and therefore it is a joke.  What this says is ok Side that wants to keep wintergrasp if you really want it don’t play.  Let your side get so much Tenacity that you are all walking raid bosses that can 1 shot everything and have fun.  Oh and all of your vehicles get your buff so you only really need  2-5 of them to take the keep.

Tenacity should be tied to the number of something you control in a zone.  So that if these mini-raid bosses want to keep being mini-raid bosses they have to defend their workshops.  The Horde won when we controlled everything but 1 work shop.  I am sorry but that is so much complete bloody bull shit that it really pisses me off.

The final reason that this mechanic has to be in the game is the worst one of all.  Because stone-keeper shared are one of the token currencies  in the game there needs to be a way for the population disadvantaged to get them some times.  Well this would not be a problem if it was not a binary option.  What I mean is that all bosses in dungeons should drop them all of the time.  You just get bonus ones if you control winter grasp.  Then the low population side can still progress and obtain them even if they don’t control and or always loose the event.  Additionally the vendors for the gear should also be in Dalaran so that they can spend then as well.

Dailies and PvP

Ok I play on PVE or RP servers for a reason.  I hate PvP at all times, except when I actually want to PvP.  I hate quests that make you flag for no reason.  The quests in Grizzly hills I am fine with.  Why because they tell you that you will be flagged.  I do not want to see the major hub for dailies in the next expansion be in a PvP only zone.  That is piss poor design and only caters to the bottom feeders out there.  Look if you are confused by what some of the ramifications of mandatory PvP can have on a mostly PvE game.  Read Bartle’s research on why people play and some of the results of game servers that went PvP.  The short answer is that those that became PvP games eventually died out.  Now I don’t think that this would kill WoW, but I think it would have a chilling effect on the dialy quest system in the expansion if the zone where almost all of the quests were held was a pvp only environment.

The panel mentioned that they heard that some people missed the impromtu PvP that would happen while questing on the Isle during Burning Crusade.  My question that for them would be, are the people that are reminicing about this from a PvP server or a PvE server.  If the former then it does not really matter as they picked to play on a PvP server.  I would also bet for every 1 person that actually likes that type of PvP there are many more who just get pissed off about it.  I would fall under this later category.  When I am playing and trying to get A,B,C done I do not what to have to deal with Dipshit 1,2, and 3 that are flagged and want to cause problems.  Hence why I am on a PvE server.

The best solution for Tol Borad if they want to capture the essence of Wintergrasp and IoQD would be to have it such that when the event is taking place it is a PvP zone.  When the event is over on a PvE server it is enforced neutrality like Shattrath for 10 minutes after every event.  Then the zone reverts to a normal PvE server zone until the next PvP event.  This leaves it open to those that do not want to PvP a viable option to go there get the non-pvp dailies done and leave.

The areas in Grizzly hills that have PvP quests in essence already respond this way, which works.

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The End in Sight, 9 – 80s Death Knight to go.

Well I have been planning on posting about my summary of Rogue mechanics as I have come to hate them while leveling my Rogue.   I have a stub of a post started about that topic and will expand on that later this weekend.  What has kept me from writing that post was the drive for me to finish the initial goal I set out for myself during the summer of 2007.

That goal was to have 1 level capped character of each of the classes.  Now with my Rogue hitting 80 I have at least partially completed that goal.  The goal at that time only included the 9 classes that came with WoW when it launched.  Now that in WotLK we have a 10th class I refined the overall goal to have 10 level 80s.

My Death Knight is level 74 so I expect to be able to post sometime in the next week to week and a half that I have finished my major driving goal in WoW.

What class I am going to focus on after I have 10 80s I really don’t know.  I know a few that I am not going to focus on.  Those being: Rogue, Warlock, Hunter, and Death Knight.  The last one only because everyone has one for the most part.  The others I will get into more detail in their own respective posts about what I don’t like about them.

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Glossed over Comment from Cataclysm Review. Launch when?

So I am re-listening to the Cataclysm panel from WoW Radio, and I heard something that I remember being mentioned when I was watching the live stream during Blizzcon and missed it.  I have actually listened to this panel a few times to review if anything was missed, and 24:03 minutes into the replay they talk about the Goblin Rogue.

The phrase that I missed and I don’t remember seeing people mention from their coverage was the following comment.

“Here we have a goblin rogue, certain to be the enemy of many alliance players in battlegrounds.  By next Blizzcon we will probly hear a lot about how people hate them.”

So I am sure they are most likely referring to Beta, at least I hope they are referring to it.  Otherwise that would imply a release date of the next expansion earlier than I think most are currently estimating.  It would be a safe bet that from the time we start to hear about an expansion Alpha launching that it will be at least 6-8 months from that point before release.  So we at least have a good idea at that point.

So the next question is when will we start to hear rumors and leaks about an Alpha?  Given that there is still patch 3.3 to come and 3.2.2 is still on the PTR that would make it at least 2 months before I would expect them to even be able to think of any other releases.  I am not expecting 3.3 (Icecrown) before January.  I we are surprised by an earlier release cool but I don’t expect it.

Now this could also mean that there will not be a Blizzcon next year but I doubt that as well.

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