We all have those Oops, I’m a noob moments.

Well I had one of those moments last night.

In one of the comments under my 3.2 killed Crafted Epics post, I mention how my reasonably fresh 80s a Priest healed a H-UK.  There were a few problems and we ended up having one of our DPS switch to tank speck and the tank switch to DPS.  As the new tank was slightly better geared.  The rest of the instance went reasonably well, we still had another wipe but if anything it was only a death here or there the rest of the time.

Well after doing a few battle grounds and seeing my numbers suck and trying to figure out what I needed to do about it, we ran a normal CoT:Stratt.  We ran into the new instances can not be launched issue again for 15-20 minutes.  Long enough for me to log in here and create another fuming post about the instance servers.  After writing I decided to cancel it’s publish as it was just too negative.

So now beating around the bush what was my noob moment last night.  Halfway through the run I realized that my spells were not up to date.  I was 1-3 ranks behind on almost all of my healing spells! My hots would tick for between 3-400 more per tick and my heals were 2k more potent each cast.  That is a hell of a lot.  My first reaction was wow do I feel stupid now.

Then I remembered hey you healed a H-UK with lower rank spells and it still succeeded despite your stupidity.  This goes to further my point that new 80s can get good gear and Epics if they know people already established in higher end content.  Also that means that even though my numbers sucked I could still heal well while handicapping myself like I did.

The lesson to be learned from this however is that if you level Dual-Spec like I did with the Priest check your alt-spec after training and manually update your spells.

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3 comments on “We all have those Oops, I’m a noob moments.
  1. Chris says:

    Back before they allowed known spells ranks to be kept and you had to retrain every time that you respecced I respecced my warlock destruction. I knew after that, with some loading of water, that I would go blow stuff up. Started in terrokar because I knew I should be able to one shot those mobs regardless. Conflag was hitting for next to nothing. Just seemed like crap. After being upset after downing 4-5 mobs and not being impressed at all I realized I never bothered to train conflagerate at all. I was using rank 1 on level 64-6 mobs. Yup, felt really stupid after that one as well.

  2. Bobby Cannon says:

    I did something similar. I healed with my character all the way to 80 before I realize I had a spell called “flash heal”. Can you believe I healed only with Greater Heal? I had to time everything just perfect but it worked. Needless to say I have learned a lot about healing since then.

  3. Nitromoose says:

    I did the same thing on my Shaman recently, picked up dual spec at 40-45(ish) so I could do a bit of healing on the way up. I think I healed one trip through Sunken Temple, and one run through ramps. That was it for healing till I was in Northrend (money well spent no?).

    Fast forward to level 70-71 or so and I was invited into a utgard keep run to heal. It was a blooming disaster. I remember loosing folks in the protodrake rooms, boss fights were rough as well. Ingvar just wiped the floor with us to the point that everyone told me perhaps healing anything beyond a garden slug was beyond me.

    Couple of days later I found out what happened. I took a closer look at my action bars when I was shifted to resto spec and I was still using the healing spells that I had picked up waaaayyyy back before Sunken Temple. I had been trying to heal UK and Nexus with level 40 healing spells. Total newb moment there.

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