Pre-Blizzcon 2009

Well, Lissanna an I were not able to go to Blizzcon this year, but we each ordered the Direct TV stream.  So we will both be watching and or listening to the stream most of Friday and Saturday.

I think it is unfortunate that WCRadio had their plans shafted within 2 weeks of the event.  They had made no secret what they wanted to do for months and it took until now for some legal group to shoot those plans down.

I don’t want to get into that topic much more, and yes there are only 2 reasons that we got the stream ourselves from DirectTV.  One and most importantly she wanted to blog about stuff as it happend and I wanted the damn pet.

Anyway this post is just to let everyone know that we will be dealing with news and info from blizzcon as it happens and I needed to test some twitter interaction.

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Testing if twitter gets an update post.

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New Edit to test a new Twitter Link.

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