New WoW Expansion Cataclysm = World of Warcraft 2

Ok now that the rumors were confirmed lets discuss.

I will get into the details later in this post or a follow up.

My take on it which I have discussed with friends before when talking about the future of WoW, is that at some point they will need to do a complete remake of the game to keep the graphics up to date and make thing consistent across the board.   Now they have obviously learned from Sony’s EQ and EQ2 conflict of develoment issues so rather than create a new game they are remaking the game in an expansion pack.  This is how EVE-Online has actually run the past 6 years.

So this pushes the South Seas and Emerald Dream back an expansion or more.  But this overhaul of Azeroth has been desperately needed.

It should be exciting and fun either way.