Crafting in World of Warcraft – WotLK (Part 3): 3.2 the patch that killed Crafted Epics

I was going to compare crafted epics to those found in entry level raid instances however with the new patch and 5 man dungeon I don’t even need to do that.  There is now no reason to craft epics for level 80 content.  If you hit 80 find a group and hit the new 5 man dungeon.

Some may think I am QQing about this.  I am actually split over this issue.  I like the fact that the 5 man has good gear and can help gear up people who just got to 80 quickly.  I am only a little saddened that with all of the changes in this patch that there is now no reason what so ever to level any crafting profession other than JCing and Alchemy.  Anything that can be crafted in Tailoring/Leather Working/ Black Smithing is now equal to or inferior to the gear that can be obtained in the new 5 man dungeon normal or heroic.

On top of this JCers can now prospect Titanium.  This means that the cost of Titanium has skyrocketed and therefore Titansteel.  Now all weapons and plate are so cost ineffective it is disgusting.

I have to say these changes with out changing the availability of Titanium nodes drastically was piss poor planning.  There is no other way to describe it.  I am happy that there are so many new things to do, it would have been nice to see the ripple effect of those changes considered a bit more completely.

This expansion more than any at any time prior has invalidated so much gear and content even each patch it is pathetic.  I really don’t have much more to say.  Crafting other than Alchemy (Flasks) is worthless.  The cost to level is so out of proportion to the benefits or economic viability that all of the professions need a complete revamp.  I don’t know about anyone else but I am ready for the next expansion, crafting wise.  Hopefully they will get it right or at least balanced (lol) next time.

R.I.P. Crafting

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  1. Berry says:

    Hmmm… I have to disagree with “no reason what so ever to level any crafting profession other than JCing and Alchemy.” Will we be selling many crafted items? Probably not. There will always be people with gold to burn on alts who want BoE pieces to be able to slap on immediately, but most of them will buy the materials and find a person to make those pieces.

    But… Each profession brings buffs to the table. Inscription means never having to grind Hodir rep, and the ability to make Darkmoon cards, which do sell well. Blacksmithing still has incredible synergy with JC, giving us more slots for gems. And, if you have an alt that can de, blacksmithing has several patterns that de profitably into dust and cosmics. And so on… I remember the glory days (all 10 of them) when Wrath came out and I had guildies who needed and wanted the pieces I was crafting to max out my leatherworking. R.I.P.

    However, every profession still has a buff or two, and an item enhancement or two, that are profitable and desirable.

    • Malchome says:

      Berry I agree with you that overall each profession has a few small buffs to bring to the table.

      Overall though the small buffs that can be brought to the table are a personal decision. Is the 100s or 1000s of gold needed to get that buff worth the +X Stamina or +Y Spell Power. From a pure money in money out over a period of time, Flask based Alchemy wins. Constantly used consumables always win in the profitability market, unless everyone is doing it.

      Actually the real money making winner is just doing dailies and buying everything and Farming what you can while doing them.

      You mention the people with money to burn, yes you could sell to them. However if they ever think about it. If for example they can farm for 5 hours and make 1000g or run 5 hours worth of the new instance which will give more loot? Simple the instance for 5 hours. If you get 5 runs that is 15+ chances at an epic you want/need.

      The real shame is yes I realize WoW is a game and we do it for fun. But because we do it for fun does not mean our time is worthless. The fact that many in WoW seem to treat their time there as worthless makes it that much more difficult to create a real economy in the game.

  2. Berry says:

    From a pure economy based standpoint… I still have to disagree. No, I haven’t made a proper spreadsheet based study, but I can regularly sell enchanting rods, belt buckles, leather leg and gear patches, and glyphs. The profit margin isn’t high, but they sell steadily every day of the week. Right now, with the push for regearing, I’ve sold all the metas I cut to power level my JC for enough profit to cover all of my training costs, plus a significant amount of the materials I had collected for the purpose. (Yes, I know, JC is one of the ones you regard as still profitable.) My point though, is that over enough time the item enhancement pieces still make profits. No big huge profit sales, but small steady sales are actually my preference. Inscription is an odd one because the cards can be a net loss or gain from month to month, and the selling season is short.

    However, I’m one of your consumers. 😉 I’m an end game raider. I very much enjoy collecting recipes and crafting items. I have almost every profession at close to end game to take advantage of synergies. I sell small but steady amounts of what I make. In the end, though, I have a LW/JC on my main because those small buffs are well worth the large amount of time/effort/gold it took to get there. I’m your person with gold to burn who bought her resto druid the moonshroud set, the earthgiving legguards, the wisp cloak… and so on. Yes, I could and did then run instances, but having those boe items on hand to immediately pop on was well worth my gold. And yeah, I think those tiny bonuses are worth the expenditure.

    Hmmm and currently the patterns out of Ulduar are close to best in slot. Its a pity that the materials cost more than the items will bring on the market.

    I do agree though, that it is a pity that people regard our time as crafters as worthless and price items accordingly.

    (And, as a side note, a good Naxx group that doesn’t wipe much makes a tidy pile of gold if you are bored with dailies.)

  3. Chris says:

    I think with all of the power leveling you are missing that almost all people fresh at 80 are not geared ready for heroics. Very few are exalted with the required rep to get those rewards (and the reqards are not worth the time spent grinding). My wife has crafted several epics for me already, and I am gathering mining mats for her pally. You are right titanium is hard to come by these days. I haven’t seen a node since the patch.

    I farm and grind the dailies to have money to buy the epics I need in order for an alt to start a heroic decently geared. Maybe some people figure they can get carried along, but my server is small, and runs are very difficult if someone is not pulling their part. This means I need to be geared and ready for any run I want to do. In fact my DK just got to a point where I feel good taking him to Emalon, because otherwise she didn’t do enough DPS to merit going.

    As insciptor I have found finding the class that was required to change the most and making the appropriate glyphs sells very well. I made a bunch in DK glyphs, esp frost and blood ones.

  4. Malchome says:

    I realize that people fresh to level 80 don’t have great gear. However the expansion has been out 8+ months now. Most leveling to 80 now most likely know at least 1-3 other players in game that are already at level cap. I don’t have numbers to prove it but I would expect most starting fresh even now after 5 years of the game being out knows at least 1 person that talked them into playing.

    My reasonably fresh 80 Priest was able to successfully heal a H-UK last night because some of the dps and the tank had ok through really good gear. There are now enough players in all different tiers of end-game content that it is really the average level of gear across the group and not so much on any particular player. With the marginal exception of the Tank.

  5. Chris says:

    Man I wish that was the case with my server. Maybe I suck more as a player than I think I do, but even running H HoL is 50/50 for me because people can’t run out of the damned blast. What was sad about the last event was that I was an Unholy DK, so I just stood and took two blasts (AMS+AMZ) with minimal health lost. Maybe it is player stupidity and I attract them like flies.

    Your reasonably fresh 80 had no crafted gear on whatsoever? I either craft, or get crafted every piece I can at 80, or ideally before 80. My wife still has a BoE blue with a meta because nothing better ever dropped for her in Naxx or Ulduar that she could get (DKP and SK stopped some of it). Granted she can now farm badges and get a helm, that is beside the point, it was one less gear upgrade that she needed immediately. People are still using the crafts for some reason, yes you may provide things free for friends, but most people are willing to pay you (friend included).

    • Malchome says:

      Here is my priest. I have 1 crafted epic, one of the inscription off-hands. Not the epics I was complaining about which were the plate and weapons. I do have some of the crafted blue as a good base. The topic is really about the crafted epics. I may have extended the case for Blacksmithing to all professions but your mileage will vary from server to server. Titanium was still selling at above 10g each ore last I checked.

      Now I do have 3 tailors and several miners that can smelt titansteel so I personally can create at least 3 titansteel a day if I wanted. But I still don’t think that overall it is worth it.

      Here is a link to a view of my priest with the gear that I used in the H-UK run, I am not sure if I am wearing the pants I got from it or not.

      We wiped a few times and we switched to the better geared tank who was originally in a dps spec.

      On my about page I list the majority of my high level characters if you want to look them up on the armory.

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