Ah, Sunwell Enchanting Time again.

I was reading the new PTR patch notes on MMO-Champion last night and this morning and thought I would make a point about this little item.

Abyssal Shatter – Disenchants an Abyss crystal into greater cosmic essence or infinite dust.

Why is this in the patch, the answer is simple since 3.0.x Cosmic Essence and Infinite Dust have been the cockblock of skilling up enchanting.  You had to dis-enchant insane amounts of green gear to get the Essence and Dust requirements for most patterns after 400, ya 50 points to go not the 425 range that you seen in most of the other professions.

As extra insult to injury the material costs on tailoring items, the previous bread and butter DE fodder were raised as well which was a double whammy to the majority of cloth wearers who were Tailor/Enchanters.  The current best DE fodder comes from some early and mid-level leather working patterns because the non-heavy borean leather patterns are actually reasonable cost effective.

Now since the new 5 man drops Epics only in both Normal and Heroic mode Abyssal Crystals have devalued greatly.  They were a little over priced but now are a little too cheap.  This like many issues with wow comes from a lack of planning.  I know the dev mean well, and they want to give us a good game.  However the in game economy is just another vector that should be factored in when charting the course to WoW’s future, one that seems to almost always get overlooked.

To end on a positive note the next expansion more than any previous patch and or expansion has the greatest potential for change and improving all of the little side systems that go and support the game overall.

For the next month or so I will be fine tuning some ideas and rebuilding others from the ground up to eventually post in the cesspool that is the suggestions forum.

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