2000g to go.

So with the release of 3.2 I have been busy in my free time farming while leveling.  I now have the basic level of flight on all 11 toons that will eventually hit 80.  I have 2 Death Knights one on each of my active accounts.  The heirloom book of Cold Weather flying is the best thing added to the game in a while.  So after buying flight for 5 characters and 3 cold weather flying books, I have 2 more books to go.  Leveling with basic flight updated to 150% speed bonus is how this game should have been when WotLK launched.

Leveling in HF is so much nicer when you have a flying mount it is insane.  It may just be me since I am at 7 80s with a total of 10 characters 70+.  But I did not realize how much inertia it added to me wanting to play a character when I had to think about how many groups of mobs I was going to have to run/fight through just to get to the next flight point.  Now that I can do surgical strikes into my quest objectives just makes the game that much more fun.

I would like to say more and speculate on some of the “leaks” but honestly I am of 2 minds on the subjects.  Some of the stuff looks really really awesome.  However it could also just be a trick to misdirect us.  I may post something else this week but I am going to be waiting for Blizzcon and post while watching it from my home computer.  I am sure everyone will have more than enough to say and theorycraft about after Friday.

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