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Ah, Sunwell Enchanting Time again.

I was reading the new PTR patch notes on MMO-Champion last night and this morning and thought I would make a point about this little item. Enchanting: Abyssal Shatter – Disenchants an Abyss crystal into greater cosmic essence or infinite

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New WoW Expansion Cataclysm = World of Warcraft 2

Ok now that the rumors were confirmed lets discuss. I will get into the details later in this post or a follow up. My take on it which I have discussed with friends before when talking about the future of

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Pre-Blizzcon Broadcast Speculation

Ok, I would not normally say anything about the rumors spread by mmo-champion and others however I want to say one thing.  I just finished the new World of Warcraft Comic #22, and all I have to say is if

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