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Ah, Sunwell Enchanting Time again.

I was reading the new PTR patch notes on MMO-Champion last night and this morning and thought I would make a point about this little item.

Abyssal Shatter – Disenchants an Abyss crystal into greater cosmic essence or infinite dust.

Why is this in the patch, the answer is simple since 3.0.x Cosmic Essence and Infinite Dust have been the cockblock of skilling up enchanting.  You had to dis-enchant insane amounts of green gear to get the Essence and Dust requirements for most patterns after 400, ya 50 points to go not the 425 range that you seen in most of the other professions.

As extra insult to injury the material costs on tailoring items, the previous bread and butter DE fodder were raised as well which was a double whammy to the majority of cloth wearers who were Tailor/Enchanters.  The current best DE fodder comes from some early and mid-level leather working patterns because the non-heavy borean leather patterns are actually reasonable cost effective.

Now since the new 5 man drops Epics only in both Normal and Heroic mode Abyssal Crystals have devalued greatly.  They were a little over priced but now are a little too cheap.  This like many issues with wow comes from a lack of planning.  I know the dev mean well, and they want to give us a good game.  However the in game economy is just another vector that should be factored in when charting the course to WoW’s future, one that seems to almost always get overlooked.

To end on a positive note the next expansion more than any previous patch and or expansion has the greatest potential for change and improving all of the little side systems that go and support the game overall.

For the next month or so I will be fine tuning some ideas and rebuilding others from the ground up to eventually post in the cesspool that is the suggestions forum.

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New WoW Expansion Cataclysm = World of Warcraft 2

Ok now that the rumors were confirmed lets discuss.

I will get into the details later in this post or a follow up.

My take on it which I have discussed with friends before when talking about the future of WoW, is that at some point they will need to do a complete remake of the game to keep the graphics up to date and make thing consistent across the board.   Now they have obviously learned from Sony’s EQ and EQ2 conflict of develoment issues so rather than create a new game they are remaking the game in an expansion pack.  This is how EVE-Online has actually run the past 6 years.

So this pushes the South Seas and Emerald Dream back an expansion or more.  But this overhaul of Azeroth has been desperately needed.

It should be exciting and fun either way.

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Pre-Blizzcon Broadcast Speculation

Ok, I would not normally say anything about the rumors spread by mmo-champion and others however I want to say one thing.  I just finished the new World of Warcraft Comic #22, and all I have to say is if there is going to be a new Guardian it is not going to be Thrall.  Thrall may be involved with creation of a new guardian even though he sent along one of his other shaman to help.

I will not say specifically who I think is going to be the next Guardian.  All I will say is that I think it became almost a hereditary position.  Given some of the new lore they are creating with the various comic series.  Also if we defeat Arthas in 3.3 then the next old gods part will most likely come out in 3.4 to set the scene for 4.0.

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Pre-Blizzcon 2009

Well, Lissanna an I were not able to go to Blizzcon this year, but we each ordered the Direct TV stream.  So we will both be watching and or listening to the stream most of Friday and Saturday.

I think it is unfortunate that WCRadio had their plans shafted within 2 weeks of the event.  They had made no secret what they wanted to do for months and it took until now for some legal group to shoot those plans down.

I don’t want to get into that topic much more, and yes there are only 2 reasons that we got the stream ourselves from DirectTV.  One and most importantly she wanted to blog about stuff as it happend and I wanted the damn pet.

Anyway this post is just to let everyone know that we will be dealing with news and info from blizzcon as it happens and I needed to test some twitter interaction.

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Testing if twitter gets an update post.

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New Edit to test a new Twitter Link.

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2000g to go.

So with the release of 3.2 I have been busy in my free time farming while leveling.  I now have the basic level of flight on all 11 toons that will eventually hit 80.  I have 2 Death Knights one on each of my active accounts.  The heirloom book of Cold Weather flying is the best thing added to the game in a while.  So after buying flight for 5 characters and 3 cold weather flying books, I have 2 more books to go.  Leveling with basic flight updated to 150% speed bonus is how this game should have been when WotLK launched.

Leveling in HF is so much nicer when you have a flying mount it is insane.  It may just be me since I am at 7 80s with a total of 10 characters 70+.  But I did not realize how much inertia it added to me wanting to play a character when I had to think about how many groups of mobs I was going to have to run/fight through just to get to the next flight point.  Now that I can do surgical strikes into my quest objectives just makes the game that much more fun.

I would like to say more and speculate on some of the “leaks” but honestly I am of 2 minds on the subjects.  Some of the stuff looks really really awesome.  However it could also just be a trick to misdirect us.  I may post something else this week but I am going to be waiting for Blizzcon and post while watching it from my home computer.  I am sure everyone will have more than enough to say and theorycraft about after Friday.

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We all have those Oops, I’m a noob moments.

Well I had one of those moments last night.

In one of the comments under my 3.2 killed Crafted Epics post, I mention how my reasonably fresh 80s a Priest healed a H-UK.  There were a few problems and we ended up having one of our DPS switch to tank speck and the tank switch to DPS.  As the new tank was slightly better geared.  The rest of the instance went reasonably well, we still had another wipe but if anything it was only a death here or there the rest of the time.

Well after doing a few battle grounds and seeing my numbers suck and trying to figure out what I needed to do about it, we ran a normal CoT:Stratt.  We ran into the new instances can not be launched issue again for 15-20 minutes.  Long enough for me to log in here and create another fuming post about the instance servers.  After writing I decided to cancel it’s publish as it was just too negative.

So now beating around the bush what was my noob moment last night.  Halfway through the run I realized that my spells were not up to date.  I was 1-3 ranks behind on almost all of my healing spells! My hots would tick for between 3-400 more per tick and my heals were 2k more potent each cast.  That is a hell of a lot.  My first reaction was wow do I feel stupid now.

Then I remembered hey you healed a H-UK with lower rank spells and it still succeeded despite your stupidity.  This goes to further my point that new 80s can get good gear and Epics if they know people already established in higher end content.  Also that means that even though my numbers sucked I could still heal well while handicapping myself like I did.

The lesson to be learned from this however is that if you level Dual-Spec like I did with the Priest check your alt-spec after training and manually update your spells.

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Crafting in World of Warcraft – WotLK (Part 3): 3.2 the patch that killed Crafted Epics

I was going to compare crafted epics to those found in entry level raid instances however with the new patch and 5 man dungeon I don’t even need to do that.  There is now no reason to craft epics for level 80 content.  If you hit 80 find a group and hit the new 5 man dungeon.

Some may think I am QQing about this.  I am actually split over this issue.  I like the fact that the 5 man has good gear and can help gear up people who just got to 80 quickly.  I am only a little saddened that with all of the changes in this patch that there is now no reason what so ever to level any crafting profession other than JCing and Alchemy.  Anything that can be crafted in Tailoring/Leather Working/ Black Smithing is now equal to or inferior to the gear that can be obtained in the new 5 man dungeon normal or heroic.

On top of this JCers can now prospect Titanium.  This means that the cost of Titanium has skyrocketed and therefore Titansteel.  Now all weapons and plate are so cost ineffective it is disgusting.

I have to say these changes with out changing the availability of Titanium nodes drastically was piss poor planning.  There is no other way to describe it.  I am happy that there are so many new things to do, it would have been nice to see the ripple effect of those changes considered a bit more completely.

This expansion more than any at any time prior has invalidated so much gear and content even each patch it is pathetic.  I really don’t have much more to say.  Crafting other than Alchemy (Flasks) is worthless.  The cost to level is so out of proportion to the benefits or economic viability that all of the professions need a complete revamp.  I don’t know about anyone else but I am ready for the next expansion, crafting wise.  Hopefully they will get it right or at least balanced (lol) next time.

R.I.P. Crafting

We welcome our Raid or Die overlords.

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