Rogues and a little Feral

While leveling my Paladin I have been taking  breaks every now and then by working on my Rogue and Warlock.  I will be posting about the Warlock at another time because this post is focused on the Rogue.

Now if I had to describe the 3 trees associated with Rogues I would describe them with these few caveats.  Now these descriptions will only be basic generalizations as specific combats or fights could skew the results.  Also they are only PVE/Soloing generalizations, in PvP the opening sequence appears to be crucial no matter what spec.

Assassination: Back ended burst damage.  Burst damage built around using Mutilate and Finishing Moves.  The set up or opening is semi important but does not really determine a fight in general.

Subtlety: Front loaded burst damage.  Burst damage built around opening moves and locking down the target.  Improved stealth to make them harder to detect to make the it easier to set up the opening.

Combat: Constant steady damage.  The finishing moves are not really boosted like they are in Assassination or the opening moves as in Subtlety.  However it combat has some of the best energy regeneration of the 3 specs so it can SS spam for extra damage.  Also stacking some of the cool down abilities really make this spec very powerful.

Now I do also have a level 80 feral druid.  I usually end up tanking as bear and when I get around to dual specing I will be changing one spec to be bear focused and the other will be cat focused for melee dps.

No when playing the Rogue and the Druid, the cat spec really feels like a Mutilate build Rogue.

  • (Hunger for Blood and or Slice and Dice)~ Savage Roar
  • Mutilate ~ Mangle
  • Sinister Strike ~ Claw
  • Poisons ~ Rake
  • Back Stab ~ Shred

There are also parallels between the opening and closing moves for both.

Ok now that we can see the similarities between the 2 here is the question.  Is there room for improvement for Rogues and  Cat Form?

In my opinion yes there is.  GC has already stated in various places that they are happy with the complexity in the rotation or DPS management associated with the 2 classes.  I will leave this dead horse alone for now.

The area that I really think would help both classes would be to make combo points stack up on the character and not the target.  Yes this will make the DPS management a little easier but not so much so.  It will make the management more consistent especially in areas where there are multiple targets, and even a little boost in PvP.  I have no opinion if the buff for PvP is needed.  I just wanted to throw out this one small modification that could improve the classes.  As a side effect some of the abilities may need to be adjusted but I am not sure on that part.

I don’t have many improvement to suggest for the Rogue because as with all classes they have their weaknesses but nothing is really glaring.  My only problem on the Rogue is I sometimes take on more than I can handle.

Now with Feral Cats there is one place that I do think they need a little improvement.  This would be energy regeneration.  Rogues through their trees either get energy cost reduction, extra energy 100 -> 110, energy on event and or better energy regeneration.  Now most of these are not tied to any cool down ability.  The energy savers for Feral cats are only a reduction on a situational ability or through a cool down ability.  Cats either need the 100 -> 110 base energy like their closest Rogue analog receives or an Energy on Event most likely Crit.

Anyway it was just something I have mulled over from time to time and since I have been playing my Rogue a little more lately it popped to the top of the stack of things to post about.

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