Quests and Phasing

So I filled out a ticket on a few quests the other day and in my feedback survey I mentioned this blog as a place to post further information so I will.

The quests I found annoying and filled out a ticket about are the following.

“The Storm King’s Vengeance”

So my problem with this quest after wasting time trying to figure out how or where Thrym spawns is the tagging and credit mechanics of this fight.  In our other major phased encounter that is at the end of a quest chain, i.e. Wrathgate and storming of Undercity.  Reguardless of whether you group up or not you get credit for the event.  The kills in this phase need to be made general like that as well.  Also the leash on Thrym is a little small you can’t even go over to where the Alliance wreckage would be to get the storm cloud there without resetting Thrym.
“Fuel for the Fire” & “That’s Abominable!”

I thought that my problems with this quest might have been related to range from target or mobs when the abomination exploded.  After reading all of the comments for these quests it seems like it may be an entirely different issue.  This other issues is even more annoying than the range issue I thought it was.  Turns out there is some reason the quest buggs out if you explode the Abomination while the mobs are stunned.  This would explain why I never get any credit or very few because I always stun before and after a movement to the next cluster.   If health is low I automatically explode.  There is no reason what so ever that the stun effect should have an interaction with the explosion.  That is a much worse bug than the environment geometry issue I initially thought it was.

All I have to say is that it has been 7+ months since Wrath come on get this type of stupid bug fixed, especially since it is used in several places and is not just 1 isolated event.  One of them is a daily.

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One comment on “Quests and Phasing
  1. Watreskell says:

    I remember “The Storm King’s Vengeance”. The first time to level 80 I did the quest alongside everybody else who was in the same mad rush to get to 80. At the time, I remember thinking how annoying it was trying to get Thrym, because there were always 5 to 10 other people there all trying to “tap” him for a kill. The second time through, I did the quest again, and by then Zul’Drak was pretty desereted, and I had the phase area to myself. I was really annoyed that he would reset if I got far enough away to get a storm cloud. Third time through, I skipped the quest completely. It was not worth the trouble.

    My technique was a little different for “That’s Abominable”, I only used the stun to keep the abom from taking too much damage, and never exploded right after a fart. If I am thinking of the right quest, I never had a problem with this one.