In the works 7/7

I have 2 topics on my mind a lot recently and I have been working, albeit slowly on composing a few posts about these subjects for this blog.  The larger post composition wise will be a review and or summary of the current crafting systems in general.  Included in this multi post review will be some comparisons of crafting systems across several games.  Some I am have used directly, others just in passing, and for the last group going by what others have said about those systems with which I have had no direct interaction.

The other post I have been working on and off for over a week now deals with travel time.  I was brought to the subject by reading thoughts on the subject on the blog, Player Versus Developer.  Specifically the June 24th post about Teleporting to Quest Hubs.  What has taken so much time was that I have been working on creating a directed graph of travel in World of Warcraft.  I know that even when finished I will be missing some of the edges that exsist.  I am very familiar with all of the alliance travel and most of the Horde pre-BC.  I have been using however some of the labels and flight paths are out of date.  It is wierd because they have Northrend from WotLK but they don’t have Mudsprocket from one of the content patches in tBC.  Anyway I hope to have the initial overview of crafting systems up some time in the next day or so and have the travel post for the weekend.

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