Auction House [3.2] – Chaos and predictable Hell

Well I was looking at a thread on the wow forums in the professions section.  I will quote a few of the results listed in the thread.

Alicé of < Calm Down > on Daggerspine

Because the majority of my guild is lazy, and wanted 2 know, I thought I’d post here too. For those interested, I just prospected 20 stacks of Titanium Ore; Results

43 Powder=4 Daily tokens & 8g.

6 Eye of Zul (green)
3 Majestic Zircon (idk)
4 Kings Amber (idk)
6 Dreadstone (purple)
4 ametrime (orange?)
3 Cardnal Ruby (red).

10 Monarch Topaz, Orange
3 Scarlet Rubys, Red
4 Autumn Glow, Yellow
1 Twilight Opal, Purple

Who cares

Ive opened 3 prizims and have only gotten blues, so my guess is the epics are like Dragon’s Eyes. The vendor sells epic gems for 15 EoH or 10k honor.

Hidestuff of< Sedition > on Magtheridon
Just did 6.25 stacks myself: (edit: 25 prospects)

19 titanium powders

3 Cardinal Ruby (red)
2 Dreadstone (purple)
2 Eye of Zul (green)
1 Ametrine (orange)

2 Monarch Topaz
2 Forest Emerald
1 Scarlet Ruby

37 green gems

Turning in 10 Titanium Powder also gets you 1g32s in addition to the token, lol

So what is the predictable hell I speak of?

Just the predictable over inflation of certain crafting items that occurs with every patch.  Now that Titanium is now able to be prospected for epic gems this is going to push the price of everything made from it up even further.   This would be ok if everything in Engineering and Blacksmithing did not already require a ton of Titanium and or Titansteel to craft.   By that I mean anything worthwhile that you just don’t DE or vendor because it was trash made just to get a point of the profession.

On the suggestions forums in August of last year while the Beta was still running I posted a long and involved proposal to improve crafting and the Auction House in General.  Since then I have had further ideas and given my last post about the Who, What, When, Why and How of Players; there are a few things I want to update and or rewrite.

I use to post a lot in the suggestions forums on my various characters this was about 6 months ago and before.  Actually since WotLK beta the forums have gotten so bad that it just is not worth decending into that cess pool very often.   Now I post my thoughts here and occasionally post in the forums about something I write here or Google Docs as I did before starting a blog.
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