And a Match was struck near a cloud of gas.

Ok I was checking out the TwistedNether site and the Blog Azeroth question of the week is a powderkeg waiting to explode.

They are asking for opinions about using the 5M+ US WoW players as a voting block to influence politics.  Now I must admit I have discussed similar thoughts with friends in the past.  But when it comes down to it, if you think herding raiders, like cats is a fun or an easy thing, then think about trying to organize 5 million into a somewhat cohesive unit.

On a slightly different note, it would be amusing and actually might be an improvement to our current political discourse in this country if shouting from both sides of the spectrum were to be like the WoW general forums.  This of course would then degenerate into Barrens Chat but even then I still think Chuck Norris jokes and stuff about someone’s mother may be preferable to the insipidness of what is going on inside the belt way.

As for a more informative and constructive post I may add to this at a later point however for now I think this may be a little too charged of a subject to really get into.  The generalizations that need to be made to just initially classify the dynamics would be enough to set people off.  Besides, I argue politics with another blogger enough at home that I don’t need to get into it here.

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