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Ok I have been reading all of the Blue Posts about how they have been working on some sort of solution to this issue.  As a programmer I understand that changes can not just be made on the fly often.  Especially when it deals with the underlying architecture.

However on Elune we have been dealing with this BS on and off, since January.  If you want to run an instance after 8PM EST you will most likely be dancing in and out of the instance portal for 10-20 minutes each time you want to run an instance.

7 Bloody months.

I really hope blizzard is not planning on getting new players often anymore.  I will tell you that if I was a new player and wanted to run an instance, maybe my first instance and ran into this problem I would be canceling the next day.

I bring this up because I have run into this the past 2 nights while I was trying to run a new player through Dead Mines.  I recruited them to the game and was planning on helping them out.  We ended up running the instance but this has got to end.


The server upgrades had damn well better be in place when the patch hits or else there is going to be hell to pay on the forums.  Given that the new patch will again add incentives for running normal and heroic 5 man dungeons.  The massive amounts of people complaining would be like nothing we have seen before IMO.  But then I did miss things join right around the time of the original Naxx patch.   The instance servers as we know it will most likely melt under the load, hopefully only figuratively speaking.

Don’t get me wrong I know Blizzard is working on the problem and they want to get these issues resolved I guess a little more transparency as to how the servers are set up in general would at least help some of us understand the issues.  Then we can explain it to the rest of the community that have no clue about hardware and or software deployment.

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