Raiding [3.2] Thoughts on the Tier Rewards

So after getting an ear full from Lissanna last night about this I followed her links to ThinkTank on this subject.

I have to agree with ThinkTank that this system as described and is understood by the community at the moment sucks.

I would be classified as one of those casuals that supposedly want stuff handed to them.  Now I really don’t want things handed to casuals.  What I would like to see is a path of progression for all types of play that have the same end point.  The points that connect them do not need to be the same and the path for the small group and or solo play styles can and to some extent should be longer or have more hoops.  The major argument then comes with how much time should be invested in each step.

Now just off the cuff as nothing is set in stone yet I would think the following reward progression would be better.

Let X = the amount of some resource that a player that only plays in small groups can get in 1 week.

Let Y = the amount of some resource that a player can get that only plays in 10 man groups.

Let Z = the amount of some resource that a player can get that only plays in 25 man groups.

So 5X < 10Y < 25Z

Now that we know that 25Z is the amount of some resource that a 25 man raid group can optain in 1 week with a full clear we now must decide how many pieces of gear should be obtainable for that group.

Lets say 10 for example.  That means on average every 2.5 weaks everyone in a 25 man group should receive 1 peice of gear.

So for equivents that means 4 should be available at the 10 man level and 2 for the 5 man group.

This assumes an even distribution of rewards across all players in the dungeon.

WoW I think I almost justified the system we are fighting against.

Well now that I almost justified the system since the bosses also drop other epic gear and not only set piece stuff it really brings up the question of what do we want from a rewards system.  One that is fair to all no matter what they do or one that favors one particular play style.  This is of course excluding the uber group that does them all…  You can’t design around them if you do you end up screwing everyone else.

Even though it sounds like I want the system I don’t.  I just am not sure what would be better and I think that is what is the most distressing to those of us that pay attention to the development process.

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