Guesses and Facts

So I just finished posting a comment in the offical WoW forums.

I will reiterate it here and expand upon it a little bit. The bottom line is essentially every basic mechanic of the game should be posted somewhere publicly for those that are inclined or interested in them can find them.

I realize some of the secreacy is due to the mind set of not letting a competitor produce a clone of your game.  I can respect that to a certain extent.  However if the secrecy of your mechanics is the only thing keeping your customers then something is wrong.  Understanding and seeing the formulas is something completely different from implementing said formulas.

So where is the middle ground in all of this well it essentially comes down to the mythical F&F Alpha forums that we have all heard of from time to time.  I refer to the WotLKWiki fiasco, if you remember it during the development of Wrath.

What do I mean by the F&F Alpha forums.  Well a new “theorycrafters” or some such labeled forums could be created.  Players should be able to petition to gain access to said forums as well as be refered by oh I don’t know the employees of Blizzard.  This restricted forum would be a layer removed from the normal forums and the test realm forums.  It would be a place for theory.  Essentially a place for direct interaction between the Developers and select players to exchange ideas.  Sort of like a super suggestions forum.  Actually EVE-Online already has something like this.  Their members are chosen by elections and there seems to be at least 1 member from each of the major nationally population player bases.

I don’t know if a limited form of Government is the best model for the vast WoW community because popularity contests are not usually the best way to ensure quality people get entry into such an important place.   A mix between an OBN (Old Boys Network, i.e. how the world actually works) and the more idealist forms of a true democracy or republic.   Essentially the British have a mix of both with the house of lords and house of commons and that model where the PM and other Executive positions belonging to the Employees at Blizzard may actually work better in the long run.

Oh well just some random thoughts.

[Edit]  WoW did I have a brain fart for a few weeks.  I origionally posted this as Quesses and Facts.  While thinking Guesses and Facts.  Everytime I looked at it something did not look right but I kept on glazing over the Q versus G.  Talk about seeing what you want to see.

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