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Initial Review of Patch 3.3 and Projection to Cataclysm – Part 1

Well patch 3.3 has come out and there was much rejoicing.  I will avoid discussing the Raid content.  I may be raiding it but it is not my main focus of this blog or even my usual goals so I will save comments on it for another day, most likely after the second wing opens in January.

Titanium Market

I am sure others around the web were complaining about Titanium ore/bars after 3.2 and the epic gem fiasco but I did not see many suggest the change that I did about a week before I saw the transmute changes hit the 3.3 patch notes.  I was ecstatic to see them in there and then actually find that it was implemented when the patch went live.  I say that because I think it was lacking from the official 3.3 notes.  Anyway the one thing I was surprised about was the speed of which the change propagated throughout the market.  It took less than a week for the cost of 1 bar of Titanium to be equal to or now even less than the saronite to transmute into the Titanium bar.  Which is to be expected a little bit.  On my transmute spec Alchemist about 1 in 10 transmutes is a double or greater proc.  One time I got 4 titanium bars from one transmute.

This trend should hopefully continue.  There are one or 2 more such improvements could come in lesser 3.3.x patches but especially for Cataclysm we need more of these market stabilizers.  How this happens is at initial release of content there are certain fixed quantities.  These are node spawn locations.  The initial patterns for each crafting profession seem to be somewhat modeled off of the rarity of the fixed materials.  Then comes the raid and patch content.  They will occasionally add in a few or many new recipes however they usually seem to revolve around a new resource that is added in specific content, i.e. Runic, Crusader Orbs and Epic Gems.  In the case of Epic gems one of the ways to acquire them was from prospecting a previously non-prospect-able ore.  This caused the Titanium ore/bar price issue I refer to earlier.  A similar area that could currently have the same market transition applied is the Eternal Market, which was the Primal Market in BC and Elemental/Essence in Vanilla.

I.E. like with the saronite -> titanium transmute we need to have the elemental/primal/eternal cool downs removed.  This will mean that rather than the following table.

Per Eternal

Fire – 30g
Water – 20g
Life – 25g
Earth – 7g

Over time we will get the following.

Fire – Xg
Water – Xg
Life – Xg
Earth – Xg

I suggest this because the cost to produce an item in the materials used seems to expect the Earth,Fire,Wind,Water,Life Eternal items to be worth the same and they are not.  This would make them be the same.  Oh and to prevent infinite Eternal, Primal, Elemental items the Transmute spec Proc should be removed, I know I have one and that will be annoying but we need a straight conversion here, or at least make it a 1/1000 chance.  So if you do spend a lot of time and I mean a lot of time constantly transmuting you can get more out than you put in but that really is not the point of this suggestion.

Currently Transmutation is the key trans-formative process in WoW to convert materials.  I don’t think this should change but ultimately if such conversions were to be extended adding more to enchanting would also be useful.

To further extend this idea, I hope we see improvements along the following lines in Cataclysm.

Generic Gathering -> Refined Raw Materials -> Processed Materials -> Basic Components -> Complex Components or Finish Product.

This progression is an extension of the current Inscription/Jewel Crafting/Engineering crafting process.  I have focused on these 2 professions 1 because Inscription is the newest and one of the better organized profession that Blizzard has made yet.  Jewel Crafting was the profession added in The Burning Crusade and is an iteration more advanced than Engineering which was evident when skilling it up.  Engineering is one of the best professions because you actually use items you create at lower skill in patterns of higher skill.  So there is an intrinsic recycling of materials which in some cases make certain parts of the skilling up process extremely cheap.

So for Alchemy/Inscription you would get something like the following.

Generic Herb (Skill Level x-y), -> Named Herb (Gold Clover, ect) -> Pigment Process -> Specific Ink -> Inscription, Glyph, etc….

Essentially we need to add a generic level appropriate material that is gathered, so Mining nodes would become like Taconite or some similar material.  Then different fantasy rock compositions can have a chance to produce current ore in different quantities per stack of 5, like how other professions, prospect, mill etc.  For Alchemy I think we need to add a layer from herb -> (potion, elixir, flask).  Rather than use raw herbs it should be processed into powders and extracts, same with enchanting.  Actually Alchemy and Enchanting should become more closely related and cross feed into one another.  Actually come to think of it we already have rough, dense, solid stone coming form mining nodes.  If we convert everything to a stone type as the node rather than the mineral or elemental name that would be a good starting point.

As for enchanting I think we should also have some extra gathering process that comes from extracting the magical essence from corpses like skining, herbing, and mining.  This would be an alternative method to get Essence of Undeath, Living Essence , Essence of Fire, you get the trend.  I also think fel and moon cloth should now be mutually exclusive and are made like spellweave, moonshroud, ebonweave is currently and add an extra one for spellweave equivalent and then we have a parallel between 0-300, 301-375, and 376-450.

I also think that enchanters should have an alternative process to create the special cloths.  Now I know most enchanters are tailors as well or at least use to be, so that may be overkill but we really need new alternative ways to balance out high end materials.  There should always be more than one way to obtain any crafting material.  Even if it is through an exchange vendor it will help to keep AH prices from getting to extreme.

Well that went a little longer than I expected.

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Leveling more Alts….

So I have not posted in awhile.  There have been several reasons for this.  The two main reasons being a bit busy with work and not really getting around to post when at home, always more stuff to do in and out of game.  The other reason is that I really have just been waiting for patch 3.3 to hit.

Because I have been waiting for 3.3 and the joy of the new LFG tool to finally be able to get random groups when ever I have time I have mostly stopped playing my level 80s except when raiding.  I have farmed some more badges and stone keeper shards for my new time filler.  Leveling several new alts.  I am currently working on a Mage, Rogue and Druid.  The cool thing that is keeping most of the mind-numbing bordom at bay when leveling the umpteenth toon through the lower levels is now I am skipping large blocks of zones especially in the 14-20 segment.

The reason I am able to do this and doing this is that I can now get XP in the Battlegrounds.  I use to hate battlegrounds while leveling before because they always seemed to be a waste of time and then there were the twinks.  Now my Mage and Druid with 2 Heirloom pieces of gear are a quasi Twink but no where as bad as they use to be.  With the turn XP off feature all of the serious Twinks have been moved to their own little bracket.  This means that the battlegrounds are now full of people just wanting to play a game or few to either level through BGs or just to get a break from the normal quest grinds.  Before getting to one of the more serious points and improvements that needs to be made to Battlegrounds I have to say playing a Rogue with 2 Heirloom daggers enchanted with Life-stealing is fun as hell.

Bracket Restructure

As the section title directly above states Bracket Restructure is one of the main things that needs to be done now that we have XP in Battlegrounds.  All BGs need to run from X0-X9.  Let the level cap players always be in their own separate bracket.

The reason for this is the end result of several previous PvP changes.  Lissanna, a mutual friend and I got into an argument about this on Sunday over vent.  Because it is player behavior Lissanna is of the opinion that no blame can be placed on Blizzard.  Ok so what is the combination of issues that is causing a problem?   It is a mix of XP in BGs bringing players of All Levels into a BG instance and the level capped 80s only wanting 80s in their game using the AFK reporting tool to “kick” anyone of a significantly lower level out of the instance.  Because there are no repercussions for reporting someone AFK you can just do it to anyone for no particular reason.  This then causes the person to get the debuff and if they don’t do a certain action within a time frame they will be kicked and given the Deserter Debuff.  This occurred to our mutual friend in AV when they were killed and were running back to meet up with the group.  While they were dead they were reported and kicked while running back.  This type of crap can not be tolerated.  If a person is active and attempting to participate they deserve to be there unfortunately even if their performance sucks.

The report AFK tool has now become kick those that don’t agree with us and is now a device for griefing.  There needs to be a mechanism put in place that allows one to defend themselves from being wrongfully labeled.  Because there are legitimate reasons in battlegrounds to remain stationary to either defend or gather surveillance.    Especially if you are a Rogue or Druid since you can stealth and remain mostly hidden.

Yes as Lissanna pointed out this is a player behavior issue especially since the player base asked for such a system to be implemented.  However since we own nothing in the game it all belongs to Blizzard then they are also to blame.  The created the system and implemented it, and like many things they implement they don’t seem to stop and figure out all of the ways the system could and will be abused so that there are counter mechanisms in place to enforce better behavior or more fair play.  As in if you falsely report someone AFK then you are the one booted.  There should at least be a Query system to the player so that they can respond to their accusers directly.

Anyway I look forward to the PVP XP through level 70.  Afterward, looks like it will be impossible with the level cap Twinks behaving badly either because they don’t know better or are bored.  I suspect the later but ya never know.

I admit I don’t like seeing a non 80 in the BG when I run BGs on my 80s but I realize that the system allows them there and as long as they try I don’t have a problem with them being there.  I would prefer to see the level cap become it’s own bracket for just this reason.

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A new position for me in Warcraft

What I mean by this is that with patch 3.3 I will be in a new position for myself that has not happened before.  Since the first patch after I started playing which was the introduction of the original Naxx, I have never had a level capped character with sufficient gear and in a guild where I can actually participate in the new tier of content.  With the Zul Aman patch I was close but the guild and gear were a little lacking.

It is just a new perspective for me so thought it was worth noting.  Since I don’t get over excited about purple pixels I really am just a hardcore casual.  As in I prefer to be an alt-o-holic and level toons because the positive feedback is faster than with raiding for weeks to get the one or 2 drops that one needs.  Anyway I fully plan on doing what I can for the guild I am in with my Priest on our raid nights.  At all other times I will either be grinding out the Random LFG on my other 80s and BG leveling the new alts.

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Macros – Changes Needed in Cataclysm, Maybe?

Well Cataclysm is going to introduce a new fly in the ointment of macro writers for Druids.  A spec I know Lissanna will break as soon as the expansion launches and she hits 81 is going to be the true Restokin spec.

What I mean here is that the stance/form/state dynamic array needs to be changed.  Currently Moonkin and Tree form are exclusive.  As soon as you hit 81 you could have both forms.  Both forms now sit in slot 5 of the druid form list if they have either talent otherwise it becomes flight.

Is this a big deal no I admit it is not.  However for consistancy sake and so that generalize macro sets could be developed it would be useful if for druids the form numbers were static.

0 – Caster

1 – Bear

2 – SeaLion

3 – Cat

4 – Cat (Stealth)

5 – Travel

6 – Moonkin

7 – Tree

8 – Flight

9 – Ret Paly DK form, So we can Tank and crank out the damage. (Ok wishing here).

Either way if static numbering is implemented cool if not I know we will adapt.  However more character specific macro slots would be useful.  Say 45-60ish.  This is just a target number that I would need so I could create a full set of macros for each Talent Spec as a druid and still have a little room to spare.  Personal wish here but hey my blog.

***** Edit*****

I forgot to mention before this posted that currently with Rogues Non-Stealthed is stance 1 and Stealthed is stance 2.  Where with Druids you have to use the Stealth modifier to differentiate.  It would just make some of the macro syntax tighter.

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Macros – and so it begins.

For a while now I have wanted to put some of and eventually all of the macros I use up here as a resource.  A resource for both me and for anyone else interested in them.

I have them saved as a page rather than a post.  You can find them under my pages section and I have linked the first few here below.


[[Druid Macros]]

[[Warrior Macros]]

I recommend that anyone interested read the [[Macros]] page first.  I have a particular play style and may need some translation for others.

One overarching theme that I try to accomplish especially in the case of Warrior/Rogue/Druid is match up similar abilities that are exclusive to a particular stance/state/form so as to reduce the number of buttons I need to have mapped.

Well if you have any questions please let me know.

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Paladin Lay on Hands, my 2 cents.

Well I have been watching thread meters, mmo-champion and the Blizz Blue tracker on the forums reading over the QQ and quasi discussion about the balance of this ability.

Having tanked a little bit on all 4 classes, something like LoHs for Paladins need to be there as an “oh shit” button.

In my opinion how I would balance the ability would be the following.

  • The base ability becomes 20% of health usable on yourself or another.
  • Though a glyph you add 10% to the ability
  • Talents
    • Protection
      • Change “touched by the light” such that the +10% crit heal is now +(5/10/15)% LoH healing on Self
    • Holy
      • Give similar effect to the touched by the light effect and maybe a mana boost or something extra to caster if cast on another target.

End result gives in the ballpark the following table.

Protection To Self: Between 20-45%

To Others:  Between 20-30%

Holy To Self: Between 20 – 30% + bonus

To Others: Between 20-30% + bonus

Retribution to Self: Between 20-30%

to Others: Between 20-30%

You may ask why I favor Protection in this case? At 45% it is similar to what Warriors and Feral Druids get when you combine “Last Stand/Survival Inst” + the Rage based Regeneration ability and have it glyphed.  Paladin’s don’t have a Last Stand per se so just giving a flat out boost would be acceptable while still “nerfing” it from 100%.

I know in the end that balance testing would be needed if anything like this was implemented but at least IMO this seems like a good compromise to the issue.

The other issue that is a problem for Prot. Healing is that they just need to remove Spell Plate, but that fix which would finally put an end to the issue is too big to be dealt with in a non-Expansion content patch.

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Groups, Guilds, Raids and Battle.Net

For 4-6 weeks now I have been contemplating greatly on these subjects even came up with a few catchy titles to call posts about several of them at a time. In this time we have heard a bit more information about the future of some of these topics. Additionally I have seen some other information about similar issues in other games that I follow. So rather than trying to tease apart these topics I am just going for a single summarized post. The previous titles were: “Groups, Guilds and Raid IDs”, “The New – A New Hope or Phantom Menace”.

All of these topics orbited a concern of mine with regard to Cataclysm. We need more things in WoW to bring players together rather than to stratify them into discrete types. This massive categorization may have resulted prior to TBC, however my highest level character was 54 at launch time for TBC. So if it existed in classic WoW where it was a “Raid or Die” mentality for any form of progression, I do not really know.

In Wrath you can progress relatively well if you are willing to go at a slightly slower pace content wise through PuG-ing. So guilds only really benefit as an organizational tool, even then the tools for guild organization are more outside the game than in it. Don’t get me wrong I like and appreciate where the in game calendar is going.

From the other MMOs that I have played and read up on I will list a few general concepts that hope we see in Cataclysm.

  1. Break from the 1 character/1 guild paradigm. (I think this is one area where could really play a major role.)
    1. Move to a more direct 1 Player/Many Guild system such that the permissions of any player is the sum of their characters. So you don’t have to play Alt-Tango to get stuff between guilds and alts. When you go to access a bank or any system where you have different characters and or roles, add an intermediate interface that allows us to select the “role”/Character that we draw permissions from.
    2. Another great improvement would also be to extend all non-purchased(IRL Money transaction) BoA items to be Account Bound rather than WoW Account Bound, it would rock for collector’s editions to also work but I would rather have Heirloom Items and instant Gold/Item transfers between WoW accounts under the same account work first.
    3. Oh and on the subject of guilds, put in a feature to allow GMs to rename a guild, prior to guild Banks not a big deal. Now after 1000s of gold have been sunk into a guild bank that is an unacceptable loss for no good reason. Especially since all it really amounts to is an update to 1 field in a DB, if the DB is even remotely normalized.
  2. Improved AH, if nothing else move each AH to a Cross/Realm per Battle-group based system. This will help stabilize economies on old versus new, and low versus high population servers.
    1. Move away from the stack based unit of quantity for materials in the AH. 1 Character can place one auction per good per price. So whether you sell 10 stacks of 20 infinite dust or 200 stacks of 1 infinite dust it takes 1 entry in the DB and only gets translated into stacks when being mailed to the person buying the materials.
    2. Add a will buy X number of Y good at Price Z into the AH, the other have of a buy/sell market. This will also help keep prices from dropping below vendor, or at least add a little extra stability into the AH.

I could go on here but I first I want to make an observation/comment about If the vision of what is/will/could be is even a part of what I am hoping it to be then it will be one of the best trans-gaming community support structures ever built. I really have high hopes for it, in some ways maybe not with WoW but with a future Blizzard MMO, becomes the place where people meet/chat and greet, the game is where they just go to play. Even further the characters could be tied to some meta structure such that Character/Server becomes meaningless. The server is just that a server to run a shard of the game world. Thereby when a Battle-group or server goes down characters and everything else are still available to any other server to run on. You would then just have servers you prefer to run on because they are in the closest data center to you but you could still play anywhere. Now if “your” server goes down you are screwed so to speak. Not really for me as an alt-o-holic but for the average player. It is this dream/vision of what could be that led me to the title I mentioned in my first paragraph.

That grand dream being said, realistically it is not going to happen, or at least not anytime soon. If at any time I would expect something like that coming for the “next-gen” MMO that blizzard has in the works. I also would hope after Starcraft 2 is released and is more tested that friends within the same Battle group would be able to cross-realm invite for at least 5 man dungeons if not raids.

What all of this has in common is the need for Blizzard to create new and more ways to bring players together rather than splitting them up into different sub-groups. This is the main reason I really think that guild alliances need to be made. Maybe a charter with 100g fee and requires GMs from 2 guilds to “sign” the charter. Then the alliance could be formed and it would act as a super guild structure. Then you could have the “leveling guild”, “casual guild”, “RP guild”, “pvp guild” and the “raiding guild” all under the same banner. They would each keep their own channel but members of the alliance could “guest” into the guild channel as well as share an Alliance channel. Furthermore there should be no reason or restrictions made such that 1 guild could not belong to multiple Alliances, a 1 guild to many relationship. So 1 guild could be in a PVP alliance, Raiding Alliance, RP Alliance ect… Allowing a many to many relationship may be hell on the DB or conceptually for some but allowing the player base to truly group/ally/stratify as they see fit is in the end the best way to go. Then real analysis about the player base could be made by looking at how the players on a given server organize themselves. If at some point cross-realm guilds/alliances were ever possible to be formed it would be interesting to see how the player bases on different battle-groups organize themselves.

I apologize if this post is a bit all over the place. There were several large and complex concepts that I was attempting to express. It was also written over the period of a few days when I had time to tackle the issues. I will most likely come back to some of these concepts at a later time.

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Resource Madness

I have seen posts and threads where Saronite has become cheaper and cheaper and since the 3.2 and 3.2.2 the AH has gone all to hell.  The major reason for this is the over demand for Titanium Ore.

Thank you Blizzard for making an already scarce resorce and making the demand for it increase many times over by allowing it to be prospected.  Additionally the dust can be turned in for JC daily badges which are required to get most of the patterns for Blue and Epic gems.

Titansteel and everything that requires Titanium to produce has now inflated greatly in price so much so that it is not really worth making the epic items becuase they sell less than the cost of the mats.

In the future if a profession changeis going to beimplemented that is going to drastically change the landscape of supply and demand then please implement alternative ways to acquire the scarce resource.

A simple change that would have let the market stabilize a bit would have been to allow Alchemists or at least Transmutation Specialized Alchemist have no cool down on the transmute Saronite into Titanium.  If nothing else at least remove the shared cool down with the epic gem transmutes.

The transmutation side of Alchemy is in apathetic state and does not look like it will get any better.  Well at least until the next expansion.  At least then the cool downs for most of the transmute in both Alchemy and Tailoring will be removed like they were for TBC materials with the release of WotLK.

Hopefully when the new expansion is released professions will actually really be worth something other than and time and money sink.  The real way to do that would be to create more interconnectiveness between the professions.

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The Everchanging Playerbase

This comment on the wow forums is something that I agree 100% with and thought it would be a quick way to introduce some thoughts on the subject that will lead into my other posts mentioned in the collectors edition post.

Waxen LVL 8 Tauren Warrior from Blackhand, most likely a forum alt.

Maybe you’re too young to remember the evolution of MMOs, or maybe you’re just forgetting, but the big picture is a an UNCHANGING curve of play getting more and more casual. And the more that curve moves, the higher the adoption rate goes.

That curve goes back much, much further than WoW, sunshine. I was playing MMOs back in the early 90s when they had no GUI and everything was text commands. TBC, even vanilla raiding, even EQ raiding, was total QQcasual in comparison to what grouping in those was like. Back in the MUD days, MMOs were “just for Comp Sci majors with uni accounts and telnet”.

Having seen this progression over the last 16-17 years, trust me when I say that the WoW raider who whines about the QQcasual and quits in “disgust” are being replaced by folks like my retired father, my wife, and my non-gaming bro-in-law who are getting socialized to MMOing through stuff like Facebook and finally deciding that its not just for “24 year old guys with no friends and no life”.

The “not just for” statements will just keep getting more broad, the sub numbers will keep going up, and making the learning, gearing, and time-commitment process “loleasy” are the REASON for it, not an impediment.

Ok this whether we like it or not is the future of the MMO market.  MMOs will from my generation onward become a larger and larger part of entertainment media.  Will TV, Movies go away no, will there become a blending of all 3 mediums most likely is some way, shape or form.

I first started playing games on computers with Commodore 64s and VIC120s.  One of the early computers I played on for years before getting an early 286 processor computer was an Atari computer, with 2 – 5 1/4 inch floppy drives.  My first look a the web before it was a web was through Compuserve for about a month then dropped it because it was too expensive given where we lived.  I then got into the web and telnet MUDs when I hit college.  As for the “Hardcore” I did all of that on my console games years ago.  Now I do not want to or need to rehash the same grind every single game.

For example I farmed in FF-VII till most of the characters had around 230+ in most stats by logging 20-40 hours of just the undersea shinra plane with the materia that changes enemies into items for stat boosts.  I leveled several sets of master level materia through that process.  Then went to Emerald and Ruby weapon and KotR/Mime/Mime/Mimed for 20 minutes.  In FF-X I hated the mini games for the ultimate weapons so much that in the end I farmed the mobs and monster fighting arena, boss mobs, to collect enough Dark Matter to create 3-4 of my own versions of the ultimate weapons, or as close as I could get since it did not get the base double damage increase.  One of the easiest was getting the one shield after purifying the Cursed Shield in FF-VI while fighting dinos for xp.  Ended up with 4 characters level 90+ in that game before I went and ROFL-Stomped Kefka.

However now that people are doing no armor/no weapon runs these may not seem like much.  But then again I also have a (Fun versus (% chance of success) versus Reward versus My Time) evaluation and as I have gotten older the My Time portion trumps most followed by Fun.

Actually I will come back to this evaluation and may even expand upon it when I get to the grouping and new Battle.Net posts.

I really think this (F v P v R v T) can add to the Bartle (World/Players, Acting/Interacting, Implicit/Explicit) evaluations.  Wow a 7 dimension solution space gets a bit insane, however the 4 values that I discuss are variable and are in the eye of the beholder where their limits are set.

Well I have rambled enough here and there are a few interesting things I want to contemplate further before spouting off about them.

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Collector’s Editions and Standard Editions

This is going to be a short and sweet post.  *

** Tangent ***

I have several other posts stewing in the back of my mind but I am working on how to synthesize them apart into such a way as to still be coherent by themselves even thought the topics are all interconnected.  A few tag lines that I have been mulling are: “Groups, Guilds and Raid IDs”, “Rewards: One arm Bandit style or Tokens”, “The new – A New Hope or Phantom Menace”.

All of these subjects deal with how to group people, facilitate interaction and reward for “good behavior”.  They just differ as they focus on different aspects but those aspects cannot be taken completely in isolation like you can when you look at specific mechanics of a class.  I hope to have 1 if not 2 of those posts out by the end of the weekend.

*** End Tangent ***

Ok, now back to the regularly scheduled post.

There are 4 types of people who buy Collector’s Editions of new games.

  1. Avid fans of the series and want all of the extra stuff.
  2. Avid fans that only want the in-game extra assuming there is one.
  3. People who just want a collector’s edition to collect such items, the true collector’s.
  4. People who want to profit off of the other 3 buy getting an edition with the intent to sell over the SRP.

#4 in the list are essentially scalpers of boxes rather than tickets.

I am going to suggest a few things that I can hope will occur with Cataclysm, either way I am going to try and get several CEs for myself as I have multiple accounts and one for Lissanna.

There are 2 ways to ensure that something is limited as a limited edition.  Only produce a set number of copies or make it such that the limited editions can only be ordered within a given period of time.  Blizzcon is an example of the first and we see how well that works out.  It becomes a lottery of who refreshed their screen the fastest.  Ya good job there, at least the servers did not die for 2 days this time around.

The second is the best way to handle such high demand.  The only thing is that for it to work Blizzard will need to be clear and very public about when the time frame to order the CEs.

It could even be a direct Blizzard Store order exclusive, then the CE production costs can be pre-paid before the product is ever made.  Now I would hope they would still let the normal distribution channels still order the CE but that is neither here nor there.

This modification would let types 1 & 3 get what they wanted with no problems.

Now due to the popularity of ingame pets a new version of the game could be created.  You would then have Collector’s Edition (CE), Pre-order for a limited time.  Then make a Pre-Order Edition (PE or POE) this would only include the in-game extra.  This is only available before and at release.  Then you have the Standard Edition which would be all other copies of the installation material after release.  Yes there would be some POE and SE overlap for the first few weeks but that is not really a major problem, just make sure there is an extra sticker added to the box so that extra packaging does not need to be made.

The only tricky part would be to the timing of the pre-order of the CE so that all of the CEs can be produced.  Given what some people have paid for the CE off of Ebay, Blizzard would be doing right by their most avid fans by actually setting up such a system so that those that want to pay extra for the CE can get it at the price Blizzard intended and not be ripped off by scalpers.

Well that worked out to be a bit longer than I intended.

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